Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

The next season makes powerful fashionable

(Credit: Bungie)

The next season of Destiny 2 begins on March 10th and, among other things, the Destiny 2-season of Worthy armor looks fantastic. We have already seen three full arms sets – now, two basic and an ornament, but who counts – each of various activities, and even after the outstanding seasonal armor in the season of the dawn, it looks like these sets the fashionable end Reach-Game again.

Seasonal armor

The main Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Armor, Seventh Seraph, starts as a pretty boring, dark and matte getup. It looks like this armor of activities near Rasputin like the Seraph Tower and the Seraph Bunkers as well as the season pass. If you buy the season pass, you will immediately receive a complete set of armor for the seventh Seraph for each class at the beginning of the season.

This is well informed only the basic form of seasonal armor. As soon as you level your season pass and have unlocked this armament ornaments, Seventh Seraph receives a specific Russian theme, almost as if it had been torn out of the Golden Age of the Cosmodrome. Between the Hunter helmet, the Titan belt and the Warlock collar, these ornaments have a remarkable similarity with military uniforms, and we have not even mentioned the olive green. Speaking of it will be interesting to see how these sets shaders record. The green is beautiful, but these golden accents beg for a bit darker colors to burst them. To be fair, it feels like it’s almost all on this armor look good – apart from the watermelon shader of course.

Checks of Osiris Armor

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris launches on March 13th and returns every weekend, so players have the chance to earn trials and armor. The trials sets with Egyptian theme from the original Destiny are back and look as stunning as always. From Warlock Anubis helmet to the Hunter-Skarab cape to Titan Ra helmet, these sets are both beautiful and absolutely unique. Do not think about the color scheme of gold and turquoise. Nothing else in Destiny 2 has such a profile or motive. The best part is that you can lend this set to more shine by filling out an error-free test card and unlocking luminous ornaments, similar to the ornaments in hard mode for Leviathan armor.

Guardian Games Armor?

The content calendar for the season of the worthy shows that a new event called Guardian Games begins on April 21 and is running until May 11th. During this time, players can acquire new legendary armor. We have not seen how this armor looks like in the game, as Bungie keeps more content near his chest in this season, but we know that Guardian Games will offer some more fashion-conscious options.

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