Pok mon Go Zamazenta Counterattack These are the best attackers

As of today, August 26, 2021, you will meet the legendary Pokémon Zamazcent for the first time in Pokémon Go. You will face you as a head of the raid in its heroic form of Guerrero in level 5. Intersions in Pokémon We show you the best counterattacks that you must use against Zamazienta.

When can you know Zamazienta? As part of the Third Hyperbonus event, you can fight against Zamazienta in level 5 incursions during the next period:

  • Since Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. local time
  • Before Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 10:00 A.m., Local Time

Zamazienta (Heroic warrior form) – All information and counterattacks

What kind of Pokémon is that? Zamazenta is an eighth generation legendary Pokémon. It is the Zacian counterpart and represents the shield in the series of SWORD and SHIELD games. Similar to Zacian, Zamazienta can take two ways: Shape of heroic warrior and king of shield. In Pokémon Go currently you can only find it in its heroic form of Guerrero.

Zamazienta in his heroic form of Guerrero (left) and as the King of the Shield (right) through Pokemon.com

Is there such a bright zamazient? No, Zamazienta is not yet available in its dazzling form in Pokémon Go.

Use this counterattack against Zamazienta (Form of heroic warrior)

Zamazienta (form of heroic warrior) comes from the kind of struggle. Therefore, it is particularly weak against the types of flight attacks, psycho and fairies. You should definitely take advantage of this weakness and trust the appropriate attackers.

With the help of the general description of Pokebattler, we take a look at the best counterattacks against Zamazienta and we have summarized them for you (through Pokebattler.com):

Pokémon | Set of movements
— | —
(Crypto-) mewtwo | Psycho Blade and Psycho Strike
Mewtwo | Confusion and psychological push
(Crypto-) Volcanoes | Ala and Sky Sweep Fin
(Crypto-) metagross | Zen header and psychoquinosis
(Crypto-) simsala | Confusion and psychoquinosis
(Crypto-) Ho-oh | Range reserve and doll in mince
(Crypto-) Guardevoir | Confusion and psychoquinosis
(Crypto-) coconut egg | Confusion and psychoquinosis
(Crypto-) Zapdos | Thunder Shock and Drill Beak
(Crypto-) Staraptor | Beating wings and going down
(Crypto-) Galagladi | Confusion and psychoquinosis

Mega Developments such as counterattack: One or another mega development is also very suitable as counterattack against Zamazienta. If you want to use one in battle, use these monsters:

  • Head mega pigeon with wind burst and in chopped
  • Mega Genegar with Schlecker and Psychokinesis
  • Mega lame with confusion and psychoquinees

Is it worth it zamazienta (form of heroic warrior)?

The general description of GamePress shows that Zamaza has exactly the same values ​​as Zacian (through GamePress.gg). Therefore, it is strong in attack and defense, but it only has an average resistance. Like Zacian, you can also learn several instant and load attacks.

Since Zamaza in its heroic form of Guerrero is of the type of combat, a set of appropriate attack movements would be recommended. However, this is not the case at this time. Zamazcent can not resort to a single instant attack of the type of combat.

That makes it a little less interesting for use in incursions. In the PVP league, however, it looks a little better. According to PvPoke, it is one of the best Battle type Pokémon, especially in the Champions League (through pvpoke.com). However, there are also monsters here that are even more suitable for use.

Since Zamazienta is being captured for the first time in Pokémon Go, you should definitely get a copy for your Pokédex.

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