Warframe Devstream Nidus Prime the return of Plague Star and making

Tonight at 8 pm, a warframe Devstream will take place in which digital extreme u.A. Nidus Prime will introduce in detail (Twitch, YouTube). Nidus Prime was first introduced on TennoCon 2021 and is the prime variant of Nidus. It offers improved base values ​​and additional polarity slots that allow players to enable more mod customizations and stronger builds.

_ Spectators, which turn on, also have the opportunity to experience a repeat of the popular narrative Tenno Relay events from Tennocon 2021 on all platforms, which was not accessible during this year’s Tennolive stream for many players due to the massively high simultaneous audience numbers , This repetition of the stress test takes the viewers with a retirement, immersive flashback to some of the most significant and shocking action moments in the history of warframe and at a glance back into the legendary Zariman Ten Zaro and other warframe scenes _, write the developers.

The Story of Digital Extremes (Warframe Doc Part 1)
In the developer presentation, the return of the Warframe Event Operation: Plague Star should be announced. A temporally limited event, where players can join together to defend the levels of Eidolon against contaminated life forms before they make their way to Cetus. In the context, a new weapon should also be revealed.

_ Before the stream ends, the spectators are promised twitch drops and a look behind the scenes of a few content in the development, while the team continues the way to a huge war against the Sencils in the New, which later this year appears. _

In addition, Gara Prime Access will end on September 8th. Atlas Prime, Tekko Prime and DethCube Prime will also disappear from the Prime Vault on 8 September.

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