Lol FRAGMENTS OF SKINS FREE WITH PRIME GAMING Claim dates and everything you need to know

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Riot Games and Amazon have been collaborating and offering free additional content of League of Legends All users of the Premium Service of the US Commerce Company. Users of Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime) have already enjoyed the past of any other free Skin. The Union has due to being fruitful, since it has just begun a new promotion to get even more content.

On this occasion it is a collaboration that will provide us a good amount of free Skins fragments . A total of seven that suppose two guaranteed skins and an extra fragment.

How do I claim the rewards of League of Legends in Prime Gaming?

All users of the service can be rewarded, and doing so is tremendously simple. All we need is Link our accounts of the different services and claim them . As of that moment, they will appear in the HEXTECH crafts the next time we start in League of Legends. In this way, it will be ours forever regardless of whether we continue or not subscribe to the service within a certain time.

Ensure that you have linked the Riot Games account in which you want to receive the fragments!

When will the Skins fragments be available? Dates

As we have mentioned, there are a total of nine fragments and will be available over the next few months . However, each individual reward expires approximately one month later.

You can directly access the website to redeem them through this link. The last available fragment is 23 of 36 (corresponding to August 23) and the next, if you are up to date, you can be claimed next September 2 ..

Getting them all should be sewn and sing , but in case you find you with a problem, do not hesitate to leave your doubts in the comments.

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