Warframe Showcase with a view of Nidus Prime Plague Star and more announced

Turn on Friday, 27th August at 20:00 clock at Warframe on Twitch to see a series of revelations. Among them first look at Nidus Prime, the return of Plague Star, Twitch Drops and a look behind the curtain of The New War development.

Who: The warframe developers of Digital Extreme, moderated by Rebecca Ford (Director of Community and Live Operations, Voice of Warframe’s Lotus).

What: Digital Extremes invites Warframe player, the press and community to a Devstream with the Warframe team where the viewers can experience the first complete walkthrough of the long-awaited Nidus Prime in the game. Nidus Prime was first introduced on TennoCon 2021 and is the prime variant of Nidus. It offers increased underlyings and additional polarity slots that allow players to enable more mod adjustments and greater builds. With Nidus Prime, players can break the floor with a harmful fungal growth, which steals every enemy, which it hits, enemies with a contaminated sleeve, which breaks out with tendrils, join in to combine with targets over a parasitic relationship to damage to cause, and fruitful maggots on enemies nearby hits.

Spectators, which turn on, also have the opportunity to experience a repeat of the popular narrative Tenno Relay events from Tennocon 2021 on all platforms that was not accessible during this year’s Tennolive Stream for many players due to the massively high simultaneous audience numbers. This repetition of the stress test takes the viewers with a retired, immersive flashback to some of the most significant and shocking action moments in the history of warframe and at a glance back into the legendary Zariman Ten Zero and other warframe scenes.

But with that the enthusiasm does not end – in the developer presentation this week also the return of the popular warframe event operation: plague star is announced. A popular, temporally limited event, in which the players are combined to defend the levels of Eidolon against contaminated life forms before they make their way to Cetus. To make Operation: Plague Star even more explosive, a new weapon will reveal in the stream that will help players destroy the toxic, contaminated ulcer before it becomes unstoppable.

Before the stream ends, the spectators are promised twitch drops and a look behind the scenes of a few content in the development, while the team continues the way to a tremendous war against the Sencils in the New, which later appears this year.

When: Friday, August 27 2021 | 2 pm. ET / 7pm BST / 8PM CET

Where: live on Twitch www.tw.tv/warframe

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