COD Warzone Player wins duel against overpower Juggernaut does not collect a hit

The Juggernaut suits are among the strongest items Incall of Duty: Warzone – a thick tank suit with a symbiotic relationship to a mini-gun. However, a player has now shown that you can do the ongoing tanks very easily.

What’s going on? The big Battle Royale Matches of Call of Duty: Warzone can be put on the head of small power events. With a certain probability, one of the mini events starts and brings the match dynamics to be confused. This includes:

  • Outbreak – all completed players come back to the match
  • Bullet sales – discounts and free revivations to the purchase stations
  • Supply helicopter – helis with prey fly over Verdank
  • Juggernaut Event – Some Juggeraut suits are distributed through the map

All events change the matches in their own way and especially the Juggernaut event causes several teams to adapt the tactics to get the tank suit or dodge him. But that you are not always afraid of the mighty fighting colossus, a player now proves Reddit. Thanks to a wise tactic and the right equipment, he did a Juggernaut nearly without danger and did not collect a hit from the mighty mini-gun.

Player uses punching setup for loose Juggernaut-Kill

What does it look like? The user Lordtexugo could collect a few thousand updotes on Reddit with his Fal-Wallhack setup and shows that the full-coat floors of the single-wing rifle even more on it:

Texugo drives east of the Soviet residential blocks east of the airport and has a Juggernaut nearby. His loadout consists of the assault rifle Fal and a insert sign. The Juggernaut wanted to help a fallen team member in the staircase back to the legs, but Texugo had something against it.

Instead of taking the legs in hand and get a large distance between him and the nasty, running tank suit, Texugo plays aggressive and clearly apart it on the big guy. The Juggernaut runs into the house towards his team member and then gets the first shot.

Texugo then switches the house side and tests its chances of the other direction. It does not matter that he can drive through some walls of the house and meets the Juggernaut without having to see him directly. However, the Juggernau tries not even to do Texugo at that moment, but goes for the time being on the revival of the team member – what Texugo does not agree and shoots the on the ground from the match.

The Juggernaut sees something confused, probably because of the hits that flew through the house wall on him. So instead of going directly to the annoying opponent, the Juggernaut decides to taste one floor better. A deadly mistake, as should turn out. For the full-coat floors of the Falk also hit the stairs and the Juggernaut finds his final resting place in the staircase on the first floor.

Texugo mentions in the thread on RedDit that the video is already older and created Jugger Royale during a round of time-exclusive mode.

Players celebrate tactics, but also laugh about the Juggernaut

How did he do that? Basically, one can observe a conjunction with 3 factors here:

  1. The courage of Texugo
  2. The fal setup with full coat shot
  3. The incompetence of the Juggernaut

Texugo plays a dangerous game by holding himself on the duel with the Juggernaut – but is rewarded for his courage. Many players would have probably responded to passive in the situation or just seized the escape. Texugo forms a simple Juggernaut kill from his courage and the special Fal-Setup.

In addition, the Juggernaut behaves very reserved, after the kill of his colleague almost paralyzed. The false decision of the Juggernaut, the stairs to go up, have sealed the fate of the oversized fighter and Texugo played the duel clean to end.

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What do the players say? The thread to the clip got 1,300 upvotes in the Warzone Reddit and just under 100 comments. There are smaller discussions about the Jugger Royale mode and the unfortunate behavior of the Juggernaut. But most of them celebrates the action of Texugo:

  • JPro1155: I’ll get in touch for the bully of the poor Juggernaut. He did not know what’s going on. lol
  • TRIXX1-1: Klug played. Good work!
  • EmeraldMunster: So wonderful to watch the full coat fal with her wild amoclan. ????

Although the video is already a bit older, many commentators respect the performance of texugo and remember one or the other trick for their own, next fight against the nasty Juggernauts.

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So often, it’s the small tactics and quick decisions that decide between frustration and cheer. If you want to get better in Warzone, everything sucks up, take every little advantage and dare in the match sometimes to try something. What may not work for the first time, make you a hero next time.

These are the situations that we return to the game again and again – although we’ve received an a … the last time has a … Seek your more small, tricks for your gameplay, looks over here: 6 tricks in Cod Warzone, which everyone wants to know a good player

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