Lost Ark shifts release to 2022 reveals when the next beta starts

Lost Arksollte actually appear 2021 and had the first players tested in June. But now the MMORPG was moved to 2022. Officially, it says that more adjustments for the West are necessary than originally expected.

When will Lost Ark appear? According to a message on Twitter, Lost Ark should appear at the beginning of 2022. This is clear later than many fans have hoped.

The reason for the shift is the adaptations necessary for the porting of the Korean game to the West:

  • That’s how it should have been worked hard on the localization, the bugs and the server structure
  • But during the Alpha there was a lot of feedback for customizations that should necessarily come into play
  • Lost Ark is said to have the experience that deserves the players who have been partly waiting for years on the release in the West

Whether there will be specific changes to the West – for example at the shop system, which are called a Pay2Win – but not mentioned.

However, the players should not have to wait until 2022 to play the MMORPG.

W Ann starts the beta? Already from the 4th to the 9th of November, the Closed Beta should take place at the selected players and buyers of founding packages.

If you want to participate in the beta, you can register on the official website.

Developer promise more communication

What was notified in the statement? In addition to the shift, the developers also announced that they want to communicate more open and regularly with the community in the future.

So it should give every month a detailed update with info behind the scenes. In October, official forums and an official discord are planned.

In November, with the start of the beta, it should then give better support for the testers and the Content Creator to play.

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