Scuf Gaming Instinct Pro Test a unique joystick at the deterrent rate

Founded in 2011, Scuf Gaming was bought only eight years later by a Corsair who wanted to expand his gaming offer to the game controllers. Scuf Gaming specialized in the customization of the official joysticks of Microsoft and Sony and the redemption By Corsair does not seem to have to change the DNA of the American manufacturer. We want for proof the exit of the instinct range that is always characterized by a large pane Customization: the controller is controlled from the official website of the brand and the options are still numerous … Alas, the rates are, for their part, always as high.

Configuration and control via Scuf Gaming

Unlike the majority of video game joysticks, even the highest range, you can not buy an instinct or instinct pro on a whim. The thing is reflected a minimum to the extent that it is necessary to go to the manufacturer’s site to make multiple choice of customization. Of course, it is possible to opt for the basic model, but it would be a shame – for the same price – not to take advantage of the options put to our available by the manufacturer … especially since the tool is rather well designed.

The idea is here to allow us to set up quantities of the controller that is the basic instinct version or the instinct pro version. One has the choice from dozens of faceplate colors that range from the simplest models (united colors) to so-called signature designs containing well-known patterns (camouflage, sandstorm …) through what Scuf Gaming calls Designer reasons. There are more evolved patterns with references to the rebels or troopers of Star Wars, dragon scales, flowers, cyberpunk: variety is clearly.

Of course, customization is not limited to the faceplate even if it is clearly what can have the most impact on the visual appearance of your joystick. It is then possible to opt for buttons of different hues, a choice of colors that will be found at the level of the rings of the mini sticks or sticks themselves, at the level of the bumpers, the buttons of the center and The front of the joystick. In a rather surprising way, the list of available colors varies depending on the elements with a little more color choice for the sticks for example.

Modified Height

On them, it is especially the technical customization that interests us. Indeed, Scuf Gaming allows you to change the height as well as the shape of the sticks: three heights are thus available and you can opt for a concave or dome-shaped stick. On the side of the directional cross, the choice is more limited with only four colors and two different forms, which remains appreciable. Finally, the instinct pro is accompanied by a grip at the handles whose color can not be paradaratively not set.

Difficult to judge the aesthetics of a controller that can be set up at this point and rather emphasize the fact that it should be possible to achieve something to your taste, even if we regret some (small) limitations . One point that we need to emphasize and is important: the very structure of the joystick is in any respect identical to that of the official Xbox. We take advantage of the same, excellent, ergonomics with handles or too long or too short and this asymmetric design that made the success of the Xbox controller.

Note that remove the handle faceplate to modify the sticks is very simple, the latter being magnetized. Under the joystick, specify that Scuf Gaming has disposed of practical accessories: Full Four Easily Parametrable Four Buttons, but also to the two switches. They are there to reduce the trifling race: from normal when they are inward, we go to a short race, as on the bumpers, when they are placed outward. The flip-flop is done without difficulty, even in full part.

A 3 meter or Bluetooth cable

The dimensions and weight of the instinct as the instinct pro are identical to those of the official Xbox joystick with a few grams and the set is also comfortable to use, even on very long game sessions. Of course The two Scuf Gaming controllers are XBOX compatible, but they also work perfectly on Windows 10 or MacOS. Bluetooth mode also uses Android or iOS. In this mode, the effective range is about 12 meters, but emphasize the quality of the supplied cable: flexible and braided, it measures 3 meters. Convenient.

In use, there is really no complaints against Scuf Gaming that never disappointed us on the least of its joysticks. It can obviously be considered that given the price, it is a minium, but the fact is that the finish, comfort and precision are clearly at the rendezvous. SCUF GAMING insists on the quality of the elements employed and emphasizes the presence of a remarkable Grip: it is actually very soft and the perspiration does not pose the slightest problem. However, it is only available on the instinct pro.

The other distinction between the two models is to be searching for the switches for the triggers: they too are only present on the PRO model. For the rest, it’s the same and we take advantage in one case as in the other mini-sticks quite remarkable. We tend to favor mid-height / concave models, but it is of course a question of tastes and, as we explained, it will always be possible to change this very quickly thanks to the removable faceplate and the additional sticks .

and the precision?

The return to the center of the sticks is nervous without being brutal and we have no difficulty in finding the various directions. Impossible here not to evoke the accuracy of other controls of the controller, even though, again, anyone has already tested a Scuf Gaming handle with a very favorable a priori. The main buttons are reactive and standard size, they fall perfectly under the thumb. Finally, the directional cross is a model of precision and comfort. We have no difficulty in finding diagonals that are never inadvertently activated.

On the back of the joystick, we have already mentioned the presence of four additional buttons. Easily configurable, they can be associated with multiple functions in order to have additional shortcuts. The most important thing remains their accessibility. We feel that Scuf Gaming has sought here to perfect its four pallet system: the integration of the buttons is more successful, the less DIY and the comfort of use is further improved. Of course, it involves taking a shot, but the thing comes quickly.

Logically, we do not have the means to express ourselves over the life of the joystick. Scuf Gaming has the reputation of making solid products, durable and we have no reason to doubt it for instinct and instinct pro. There is, however, a little disturbing point: As on the official Xbox, it is of course possible to opt for batteries (2x AAA) or a battery (non-delivered) to power the beast. A small lid closes the dedicated compartment, but it seems a little flexible: it does not risk falling alone, but we would have desired more resistant.

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A unique joystick at the deterrent rate

Buy instinct or instinct pro is investing in a special device that you want to customize like no other. It is our controller, it is recognized, it is identified in the middle of a peripheral jungle all similar. So, necessarily, it costs more than buying a standard controller. As soon as we pass this course of the particularly high rate, it is clear that Scuf Gaming does not make fun of the world. Not content to be very personalized, the instinct enjoys an exemplary finish and a high level of quality. The joystick is clearly among the best side functionality and efficiency. Only one reproach: the battery / battery compartment cover opens a little too easily.

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  • Very high level of customization
  • Remarkable quality of finish
  • 3 meter braided USB cable
  • Impeccable grip, well integrated with handles (Pro version)
  • Very reactive buttons, very sensitive
  • Simplicity of disassembly to change sticks / cross
  • Stick and directional cross
  • Four additional parameterial buttons
  • Adjustable Trust Race (Pro Version)

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  • Very high price though justified
  • No transportation bag?
  • Fixed asymmetrical arrangement
  • Very flexible battery compartment cover

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  • Price : 170/200 euros about standard / pro version * Weight : 280 grams about * Dimensions : 168 x 108 x 53 mm * Connection : Wired, USB 2.0 (3 m) or Bluetooth * Additional connectivity : 3.5 mm jack (micro / headphone output combined) * Vibrations : Yes, two engines * Compatibility : Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC * Warranty : 3 months (Is it legal?) * Where to buy? : SCUF GAMING

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