Crossing Void is a lap based RPG for iOS and Android which has a big anime

Crossing Void is a round-based role-playing game, which was published in eastern territories for the first time last year. Since then it has over 50 million downloads and now it goes towards the west, apparently due to the great demand. It is now available for iOS and Android. Note, however, that some users report server problems.

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The reason for this popular demand is probably the result of the founding of Crossing Void. It is essentially a large anime crossover with characters from 25 Dengeki Buko novels as well as more than 50 well-known anime heroes.

Some of these characters come from people like The Devil, Part Timer, Sword Art Online, Boogiepop Phantom and many others, of whom I have never heard. All characters have their original Japanese synchronizer, so that the fans are not disappointed with poor impressions of the performance of another actor.

Similarly, there will also be new action strands developed by the original authors that monitor the entire process. So if you are a fan one of these titles, the new stories will hopefully do not disappoint.

Crossing Void is a Gacha game, as you can expect from a free game developed in Japan. You will be able to get different characters randomly and improve them. Once you’ve done that, you put a team together to participate in round-based 3V3 PVP struggles.

There are some starting events that you can use if you hope for the game now. If you complete, golden time, you will receive a free S character of your choice, which is pretty cool. If you log in for two days, you will receive an Asuna in A quality. In addition, there are different other rewards in the first week.

Crossing Void is now available on the available AppStore and <a href =

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