The medium graphics and frame rate

After the medium was released exclusively for Xbox Series X / S, the game is now also available for the PlayStation 5.

Now both versions were compared with each other, which has brought some interesting details. According to the analysis, the PS5 does not use any Ray Tracing (RT). In Series X, Ray Tracing was partly implemented with ambient occlusion and reflections. With the PlayStation 5-version, this was removed and thus resembles the Xbox series S version, which also offers no RT.

In order to compensate for the complete elimination of ray-tracing on the Playstation 5, the lighting and the ambient occlusion was a little modified. This results in some places good and other less good results.

Since you have to do without Ray Tracing at Sony, the developers had the possibility to increase the dissolution of the PS5 something. It also runs with dynamic 4k like the Xbox Series X, but has rare spots not so low peak values ​​as the console of Microsoft. In areas where the Xbox Series X sometimes fell short below 1080p, the PlayStation 5 remains without Ray Tracing at more than 1260p.

With regard to the frame rate , the PlayStation 5 attracts the shorter this time. The performance of the PS5 suffers from more frequent burglaries as the Xbox version, especially with the Cinematics with 30fps.

The shadows on the PS5 have also changed and act in some areas of edged than on other platforms, especially outdoors. Anisotropic filtering is slightly improved on the PS5 compared to the X series. Textures are in all versions of the same quality.

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At the loading times, this time the Xbox Series X has the nose in front and loads the game in 10.63 seconds. The PlayStation 5 needs almost twice as long and 20.60 seconds. Winner is the Xbox Series S with 8.03 seconds!

The complete analysis is available here:

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