Hell Let Loose promises to be on 5 October on Consoles an open beta on PS5

Very nice success on PC since the launch of its early access with one million past games, the Tactical Military FPS Hell Let Loose now holds its release date on Ninth Generation Consoles: It will be for October 5th.

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It is through a double press release that Team17 and Black Matter unveiled the output date of Hell Let Loose on consoles. The owners of Xbox Series X | S and PS5 will be able to discover this tactical FPS, focusing on confrontations in teams of 50 against 50 on different fronts of the Second World War, from October 5th. If the players on Xbox consoles can already pre-order the game, their counterparts on PS5 will have the right, for their part, to a phase of beta test open from 16 to 20 September.

This version consoles will offer the game in Cross Play between the Microsoft and Sony platforms. Content side, Hell let loose will embark ten cards and two game modes: offensive and war. But all content already available on PC will not be immediately available on consoles: Stalingrad and Kursk cards, as well as the Soviet forces, will only come this winter through a free update. Finally, the pre-orders of the game on Xbox Series X | S will be accompanied by a downloadable cosmetic content in bonus, baptized The Silver Vanguard.

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