No Downtime Once Again in EVE Online on September 9th

There’s mosting likely to be another no downtime experiment in EVE, after experiments and data collected showed improvements in downtime reduction. This new experiment is dated for Thursday, September 9th.

The last time a no downtime experiment happened in late 2019, the devblog outlined the factors to think about the experiment. Harmony’s downtime made use of to take closer to a hr – compared to taking a lunch break, as well as with the existing strategies now in 2021, downtime is determined at around 3 minutes (or a rapid favorite). The experiment in running a new uninterrupted session is to obtain even more data. While there will certainly be more information about the lessons and also responses acquired from this experiment, this time around there are four main objectives:

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From the previous no downtime experiment, the team took comments and likewise kept in mind that the downtime, considered like an occasion by itself, meant that specific points just would not obtain done. Some companies would not join Faction Warfare due to the fact that downtime was coming, some structures did not end up the 24+ hr timers, as well as much more. Additionally, there were some problems of time desynchronization as well as memory hogging that were attended to.

Eventually, downtime has 3 elements that have a tendency to take around a minute each to finish, but with downtime having dropped considerably over the last years, as well as with views set on additional prospective decreases (as well as an objective of no downtime at some point), it appears that these data gathering experiments may recur till the group resolves it. and in the meantime, there will certainly be video clip to note the celebrations.

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