Developers explain what the MMORPG Lost Ark still has to do before you can play it

Lost Ark is long ago expected by many players. Now, the developers were announced in an update, to what extent the MMORPG is currently being crafted.

This is at Lost Ark: At the beginning of September, the shift of MMORPG Lost Ark was announced. Instead of appearing as expected in 2021, Lost Ark is now to celebrate 2022 release.

As the reasons, the localization, bugs and the server structure were listed, among other things. These areas are also with which the current September update of the developers deals more closely (via Lost Ark)

There it is explained, which actually runs just behind the scenes of the game and what the developers are working on.

4,500 characters with voice-over – Lost Ark must translate a lot

What’s going on at localization? As the developers describe, you have just done a lot of text work so that the MMORPG can appear in English, Spanish, French and German as planned.

The English translation of the Korean original, which in turn serves as the basis for the other versions, includes three million words and is still growing. Partly concerns that even for UI problems, as the Korean variant compared to German or English shorter shapes and the new versions should then be adapted in terms of space.

In addition, the voice over work for set characters in Lost Ark. It should be more than 4,500 figures, which is why many weeks were spent in recording studios with voice over artists. In addition, music plays an important role that is also located.

Lost Ark Online Gameplay Debut Trailer Hack & Slash MMORPG
We want to make sure that our players have an emotional connection to these events, explain the developers the trouble that is put into localization: We want you to feel that this game was made for you, and that Requires time, creativity and lots of love.

Server and tests also require effort

Lost Ark is still working on: As the developers explain, is just taught hard at the infrastructure so that you do not get latency problems. However, the server architecture would have made problems so that work is put in again.

With Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games, four combined years of work have been invested in optimizing the technical conditions. Just releases new games are happy to be accompanied by server problems.

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There are also a lot of game tests that should ensure that Lost Ark appears as free from bugs as possible and everything is going as planned. Over 30 different game builds have been tested, with other feedback loops from the community.

To what extent these measures pay off, should be displayed at the latest to the release of Lost Ark. The next important date for an insight into the game is meanwhile the beta to Lost Ark.

All information about the beta of Lost Ark can be found here.

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