A weapon is damned in Destiny 2 even in Season 15 Telesto must be deactivated

Yes, Telesto Hatstestiny 2 broken again. This time the trials were in danger. But the exotic gets in Season 15 support from a mod that is now disabled.

This exotic is blocked: Bungie has also need to do it in Season 15: The exotic fusion rifle Telesto was deactivated during the night on September 11, 2021. The blocking applies to the whole crucible and in the Gambit (Via Twitter).

Why the players can only laugh about the curse and why the new trials were in danger, tells you mymmo.

This is the Telesto curse: No other weapon is broken in the Destiny Universe as Telesto. The exotic ensures bugs in every season and therefore also had to be deactivated by bungie.

Guilt always wear the special projectiles of the weapon: Telesto gives small purple balls that are something like adhesive mines and later explode. The game comes with the things but not clear:

The purple bombs are registered as enemies
You could get infinite ammunition
Telesto lovered RAID mechanics
In the Blind Source you could even skip the activity almost
The exo gave guides to maximum buffs, only if you shot on the projectiles

Here we have summarized you on Meinmmo the whole, cursed story of Telesto:

Telesto destroys the new trials of Osiris

That’s why the trials were in danger: In Destiny 2, the new Trials of Osiris started on 10 September (exams of Osiris). Bungie boasted with strong reworks and sensible innovations that finally make the PVP endgame attractive for all … but then Telesto came.

A new glitch with Telesto brought a massive spheres of power to each round. So you could either unnatural often the super ignite or provide yourself with strong buffs for light loaded bouilds. Especially for a competitive PVP mode is the gamebreaking.

This mod is locked: This time Telesto is not a blame at the lock. The new bug works together with the seasonal artifact mod Thermoclastic Blossom . This mod was also deactivated and complete.

With the help of the mod, melee attacks with solar and stasis classes automatically grant a sphere. Who reminds: Telesto projectiles are perceived by the game as an opponent. So it rained after a telesto charge only so spheres.

So fast-reacted bungie: The new Telesto Glitch from Season 15 made the round (via YouTube) directly to the start of trials at 19:00 on 10 September. Good 3 hours later, Bungie already moved the emergency brake and deactivated Telesto and the mod.

That’s really fast. Earlier Bungie still needed weeks or even whole Seasons for such measures. However, the current trend shows that the Destiny developer intervenes faster and harder when such mistakes destroy the game balance: Destiny 2 locks 2 exotics because RAID bosses melt and dominate hunters again the PVP.

Whether and when the lock is canceled is still unclear. On September 16, the patch appears – but that was announced before the Telesto-Fiasko.

Bungie should test nothing and the guardians laugh still

Even if the current Season 15 is well received and the number of players speak clearly for Destiny 2, the criticism of Bungie in one point becomes more and more louder: Bungie tests nothing more? It smones more and more often from the guardianship. Although the criticism is not new, but the many blocks of recent months ensure this question.

This is how the community reacts: But somehow Telesto enjoys the most part of fools here. The keepers got used to it that the exotic breaks something again. This has become a real running gag and just waiting for the message of the blocking. By the way, Telesto has been nicknamed since Destiny 1: Telesto is there besto.

I’m so proud of Telesto. Write Dthirds3 (via reddit). It’s called here: Whole four weeks Telesto has let us wait and slept, but then it is finally awakening in Season 15 .
throwaway07311999 says: Days without Telesto Accidents: 0. Our little racker never disappoints us (via reddit)

And also on Meinmmo laughs our reader Jolux: Haha! Bungie has just done it again and quotes Bungies Twitter message for blocking.

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How do you see that, you can only laugh about Telesto and the blockages or are you still scolding? Deep in it, she knew that it is only a matter of time until the curse also strikes in Season 15. We tell us in the comments your opinion.

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