1860 Munich Gorenzel angry situation around Halle

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Even before kick-off was a clear on Sunday. In 1860, the away game had to tackle the Halleschen FC without coach Köllner. Despite the Corona situation with the Giesingers, the 51-year-old should have been due to a special regulation on the sideline, since he is not infected with the virus. Due to the objections of the Lord Mayor and the Health Office of the city of Halle, Köllner ultimately remotely remotely remotely.

Gorenzel fears in the future decisions on the green table

The Munich took this, if very reluctant. What happened before the game at the HFC, Sportschef Günter Gorenzel brought again to the palm: a folder of the hosts have wanted to check the entire team again on their documents. Even before the kick-off, the anger Gorenzels again rose again, which is why he thought he was with magenta sport that due to the intervention of local politicians and health problems in the future very few decisions on the green lawn, but more on the green table would fall. He looked at it as a signal effect – because then we will put together our team of lawyers and no longer of players and coaches.

Halles Minge holds in 1860 Almost for irresponsible

Halles sports director Ralf minge, on the other hand, stressed at the break that our coaching team had been poured out on the first day of training. And he had been almost for irresponsible , that this vaccination status is there (at 1860, where Coach Köllner less than 14 days ago the second Received the vaccination dose, note d. Red.) The trainer prevails. He also advised Gorenzel to keep nice the feet on the floor .

On the other hand, the 1860 sports director spoke again after the game. The fair competition is no longer given by behaviors like that of the HFC. After all, it would be a simple to say, five players have a heavy intestinal flu, three players a heavy summer flu and two players have injured themselves in the final training yesterday. But that is not our value attitude . Gorenzel had the following message to the HFC: We will ban ourselves that other people invade our Causa. Also, as we were treated on site. He has not experienced such a thing with all his experience, not even in Russia .

Open Source Remote Management! (Remotely!)

I have not even experienced anything in Russia.

Günter Gorenzel over the bus control before the game in Halle

After all, the occurrence of the lions at the 1: 1 Gorenzel also had only under the direction of co-trainer Günter Brandl. Only the final conviction is currently lacking in the game of the midfield sixties. There must now be a little more conviction in, a little more consequence, Gorenzel Schloss.

The coaches in the 3rd league

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