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Jan Löhmannsröben – The most recently unusable midfielder ran up past season for Hansa Rostock and recently came as a substitute for Louis Samson (adductor injury) for Halleschen FC.

On Sunday he carried at the game against 1860 Munich (1: 1) for the first time the HFC jersey and made his debut perfect: in the 13th minute he headed his new team to the lead. I thought that can not be true. I’ve already written in training and I thought, ‘come’, try your luck. ‘ That it worked was really nice, says Löhmannröben in the interview with magenta sport . However, with euphoria, he headed back a bit. Let’s see if it was a dayfly again or if I can do that more often this season.

We make a zipper on his legs, then that does not happen anymore.

Jan Löhmannröben

The HFC, which occurred after the course of the Boyds (29.) over long parts of the game in the lower number, could ultimately not bring the lead over time. Daniel wine was pleased in the 65th minute, at his shot, he tunled Halle-Offenschmann Jonas Nietfeld. What should you do there, Löhmannröben commented the goal. I’ve been told, we’ll make a zipper on his legs, then that does not happen anymore. But maybe he also has O-legs.

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A bet from old times

The 30-year-old meant his team would rather have taken the three points, but in the end, it was an intense game and the point thus satisfactory. On the other season, the new addition price, it’s time for a hare again . This is based on a bet from his time at Kaiserslautern: I’ve made a fan when I make three goals and three templates, he has to go to the stadium over a whole season in the pink bare costume. That did not succeed me, but maybe I can do it this year.

On Wednesday, Halle guests at FSV Zwickau (live! From 19 clock at recently unusable).

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