Warframe Nidus Prime Build

Nidus Prime is the most popular primed warframe, according to the digital extreme team, which has come out. He even breaks records, and rightly. The basic form of Nidus was so unique because he was the first warframe that had unconventional builds and play styles. He was the second warframe in this ever-growing list that had no shields.

Nidus Prime is currently in rotation and hot in the trading shoulder, so here is a build that makes it easier for you when you purchase it. Note that this build can also be used for its basic form.

Nidus Prime Build in Warframe

This build is a very standard, versatile. It is characterized by strong refueling and at the same time offers a decent mass control and static defense.

This build may not necessarily be within reach for those who have not yet reached the victim quest. Light spoiler, but these umbbral mods you see will be acquired after completing this quest. You can also replace these mods through their normal counterparts, although they are less effective than the use of the entire set listed above.

For those who are unsure when using an Umbra forma, this is your character to use them. Nidus benefits from health, armor and capability. With each Umbral-Mod, which is mounted on a warframe, increase the strengths of the mods. The results will be slightly lower on the basic form of Nidus.

In addition, it is basically a staple food for the construction of Nidus. He has no shield, so every damage he suffers is always health damage. In return, he gets energy back, which he can then use for his first two skills.

You will also find that this build of Arcane Guardian and Arcane contains grace. Guardians further increases the armament value of Nidus and grants additional damage reduction. Grace adds more passive healing every time he suffers health damage.

For his exilice mod, I have a sure that he can use AOE weapons without being staggered. He will also be immune to knockdowns and scorpion pull effects.

Finally, the use of its insatiable increase is made possible to give him a chance of 60%, to get additional stacks while it is voracious within its ability. More stacks mean that you can activate his passive ability immortal more often, which makes him easily invincible.

Nidus Prime is now available for Warframe via Prime Access or by In-Game Farming. You can see in our warframe instructions as you get him. You can find more of it by clicking here.

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