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Descendants of the Sunlight (Korean: 태양의 후예; Hanja: 太陽의 後裔; RR: Taeyang-ui Huye) is a 2016 South Oriental television series starring Track Joong-ki, Track Hye-kyo, Jin Goo, as well as Kim Ji-won. It aired on KBS2 from February 24 to April 14, 2016 for 16 episodes. KBS then broadcast three added special episodes from April 20 to April 22, 2016 including highlights and also the ideal scenes from the series, the drama s manufacturing procedure, behind-the-scenes video footage, commentaries from cast members and the final epilogue.The collection was a major hit in South Korea where it drew a peak audience share of 38.8%. It obtained a number of honors, such as winning the Grand Prize in television at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards; as well as was named the Most Popular Show of the year by Korea Broadcasting Advertising and marketing Corporation.The show was relayed throughout Asia where it was hugely preferred, and also has been attributed with a rise in tourism to Korea. Regional adaptations has aired in the Philippines and also Vietnam, as well as an adjustment is intended in China. The actors in the show also obtained worldwide recognition.

Although the Action-RPG Lost Ark no longer appears in 2021, while we are waiting for the success story from Korea in the West, the developers want to fill the time to release with interesting insights, but also to the world. After we recently learned about what the devs are currently working on, today it is around the Lore of Lost Ark. More specifically, for the different continents and countries. One of them, Luterra, has now been focus of a developer blog, including its different regions. What is Luterra for a country?

Luterra consists of four extensive regions:

West Luterra
East Luterra

Rethramis is characterized by the faith: a priesthood, the regulus, the God of Light worship, has said that. But this organization seems to have brisant knowledge that she contains the public. Namely, a Steinmetz named Emet had secretly entered the library of the forbidden books and was banished for it. When the Steinmetz Emet finally shattered his almost completed Regulus statue, he came to prison for it. He seems to have experienced terrible in the mysterious writings, because he commented his act of destruction with: The God will not come. We have to be ready. Conceptual art to Lost Ark: Rethramis Source: Smilegate / Amazon Games The Exotic Yudia is a tremendous plateau, mostly covered by a layer of salt. Away from this saltwear, bandits that cause a trading company repeatedly with fighting problems. The harsh landscape suits her harsh residents, which are the same salt as her home. The special feature of the salt from Yudia is its magical applicability. For studies and experiments, the sun saldon degraded here is more and more use, which ensures foreign visitors. Conceptual art to Lost Ark: Yudia Source: Smilegate / Amazon Games West-Luterra has definitely experienced better times: the barren region has many war scars, but her residents hold Wacker s position. After all, this is a people of knights that some iconic heroes come from – the largest of these heroes was of course Luterra himself. The winner of the great war and founding king of Luterra. Countless writings report on his heroic deeds. Here s an example:

How to Prepare for Lost Ark EU/NA BETA & What To Do Until Then
The invisible dragon was truly powerful. Neither a god nor a demon could defeat him. But as the finger of the king, the beloved sword of the king, the air average, pushed out a marker-shattering scream and died with a roar, the mountains and Rivers shaken. -Aut The Invisible Dragon , page 324, the Legend of King Luterra Concept Arts to Lost Ark: West Luterra Source: SmileGate / Amazon Games East Luterra is the carefree brother of the Western region. Here, the inhabitants enjoy fertile lands and enjoy a age of peace and prosperity for five centuries. Conceptual art to Lost Ark: East Luterra Source: Smilegate / Amazon Games As soon as there is another developer blog for even more countries and places from Lost Ark , of course, you will learn this here!

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