Here the new advancement of the anime of Boruto

The anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Every time you get more and more to the manga events. In this way, after the civil war of the Kara, Jigen, the leader of this organization, is on the way to absorb the body of Kawaki. Fortunately, Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening .

Although Jigen is in a pretty damaged state, he still has the possibility to take control of Kawaki s body and fulfill his evil plan. However, and as it has been shared in the advancement of the anime, Boruto has a drastic plan in mind to prevent this from happening.

As has been shared in social networks, the image in question shows us by Boruto with a kunai pointing his throat. Considering the events that take place in the sleeve, the result will not be so simple . Even so, this demonstrates the determination of our main character.

Recall that the anime is approaching the manga events. At the moment it is unknown if we will see more than the classic filling , or if this production will take pause to let the history of Masashi Kishimoto advance. On related topics, this is Kawaki obsession with Naruto. In the same way, this would be trimmed and sarada of adolescents.

Via: ComicBook.

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