Juventus Turin in the crisis With Ronaldo the feeling of happiness

No victory, the worst start for 60 years and the coach under fire: At the beginning of the post-ronaldo era, Juventus Turin burns lightly.

A relegation place, the worst start of the season for 60 years and the coach already under pressure: Without Cristiano Ronaldo Tumpelt Italy s Rekordmeister Juventus Turin Sieglos by the series A. And in times of crisis, the gazetten mourn the past superstar, which meets at Manchester United, How it pleases him.

The orphans Ronaldos fight for their identity, wrote the Gazzetta dello sport : Ronaldo has gone with his cargo of goals, which is difficult to compensate. In fact, the balance reads devastating: no success from four league games, two points and table rank 18. Similarly bad, Juve started in the season 1961/1962.

On Wednesday (18.30 clock) at Spezia Calcio should be better won. Because coach Massimiliano Allegri, after a year-round intermezzo of Andrea Pirlo returned in the summer, is already under pressure. Allegri, who should have been a rescuer in need, has hitherto not given a soul, nor an identity, said the Corriere della sera .

But why has it been running since the comeback Allegris, who had found five Scudetti in series from 2015 to 2019, not yet around? He had finally come to correct what was under credo. After nine championships in succession, the former world-class director had become fourth in the past season only fourth. But the drama just continues.

Ibra, Toni, Brazzo and Co.: These players did not win a title with Juve

Lost by Ronaldo Juve 29 Goals

Ronaldo is sure there is a factor. Finally, Juve went to England by changing to England, where he was cheered three times in two league games, 29 goals from the preseason.

But it s not just the hits. The team was geared to Ronaldo, he was the finisher with the right of first access to every ball.

Allegri will therefore take time to restructure the team. 1982 World Champion Marco Tardelli brought it to the point. Juve is a team without solidity and without stars, but over time she will find her way. Because Alvaro Morata (two goals) and Paulo Dybala (a goal, two templates) have already proven that they can wear the offensive.

JUVE coach Allegri with antibuture before players?

So it s not the quality in the storm. Rather, JUVE brings through Hanebüchen Schnitzer, too often in person of goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, even about the reward of the work. In most cases, Turin starts games strongly and then breaks together, no one of the four league rates did the Allegri team scored a goal in the second half. Exemplary for this is the youngest 1: 1-draw from the past Sunday against AC Milan.

Almost Jute had lost there, though the Turiner had mostly determined the game. The gazetten reported an exemption of Allegris in front of his players.

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