Lost Judgment How to observe Mamiya s lifestyle Chapter 5

In Lost Judgment, there are many situations in which Yagami has to use their observation skills to collect clues that no one else noticed. Although many of these are explained by themselves, some of the observation tracks may seem impossible to find. Here is all you need to know How to observe Mamiya s way of life at Lost Judgment .

How to observe Mamiya in lost trial

In chapter 5, you will address you to interrogate the victim by managing, Mamiya. The purpose of this section of the game is to collect information that demonstrates that one of the two situations that is currently facing with research is incorrect.

To do this, Yagami will have to study the apartment before talking to Mamiya to have an idea of ​​her personality and her situation. That way, when he talks to her, he can see if he forgot something or if he is lying completely about the situation.

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When you enter the apartment of it, you will have to observe the room and take note from Mamiya s way of life. To do this, you should observe the following in the hall:

Children s bicycle
Family photo.

Continue to the living room and the kitchen on the right and observe the following:

Jungle Jim.
Interior (TV)
Son of Mamiya
Mamiya s face

Once you do it, you will complete the research, unleashing a scene and advancing the narrative.

That s all you need to know How to observe Mamiya s way of life at Lost Judgment . If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to consult all the other tips, tricks and details related to a variety of useful topics looking at the gaming guide wiki.

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