Far Cry 6 will not have Righttraction on PS5 or Xbox Series The NEXT

Far Cry 6 is one of the most anticipated games of the year and within very little we will have at last hand. It will be the first title of the saga in the consoles of the new generation, but it will lack an expected addition in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S that will be in its version of PC .

We talked about Ray-Tracing or the technology of ray tracing, as rimbuling in recent months. According to Stephanie Brenham, head of game programmers, it will be an exclusive addition of the PC version. She so affirms her in an interview with WCCFTECH.

The Ray Tracing is an exclusive feature of PC . In consoles, our goal has been to take advantage of the capabilities of the new hardware, optimize the performance to reach 4K and get the 60 fps , for example, everything This ensuring new game features, such as our dynamic climate system, which will endure all platforms, says Brenham.

The Launch Date of Far Cry 6 is next October 7th. And the game will expand over the months with many content from the seasonal pass. Meanwhile, you can review the trailer of your history or the postlanzing plan, which will allow us to control the most popular villains in the saga.

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