UPS Pok mon Go probably accidentally published new Shinys

Inpokémon Go should now give four new crypto-shinys that prove screenshots from the community. But Niantic has not announced nothing. Were the shinys accidentally published and will be gone again soon?

This was found: Over the last few days, screenshots of new Crypto Shinys went around in the community of Pokémon Go. That s exciting, because Niantic has not announced any changes in this area and normally new Crypto Shinys are definitely a reason for announcement.

We show you what is known to the new dazzling versions of the Crypto-Pokémon.

Shiny Crypto Snubbull, Shiny Crypto Quieel, Shiny Crypto Pionskora and Shiny Crypto-Fiffen

These are the new Shinys: Apparently there are four new Crypto Shinys


Three of these Pokémon have already been occupied by screenshots. At Fiffen, proof is still open – while there are screenshots, but those come from Spoofern so far and were not shared in the community of Thesilphroad (via

Where can you catch the new Shinys? This works just with the Rocket-Rüllen. So you can have lucky and fight a ruffle that releases you one of these said shinys for catching. Usually, the Crypto Shinys from the Rocket-Bossen Cliff, Arlo and Sierra and not from the Rüllen.

This discusses the community: The coaches are weird to suddenly find new crypto-shinys. Without Announcement of Niantic, this acts as a mistake. Also, that the Rüels with Shinys are traveling again, the community is funny. It is believed that this is an unwanted publication and the Shinys is probably too early in the game.

On Reddit, Lambsauce914 summarizes […] people speculate that they soon belong to the Rocket Bosses or Jessie and James. For in the past, it was so when a Crypto-Pokémon was available from a Rüel as Shiny, it was very likely that it was next to the installation of the Rocket bosses.

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Have you already found one of the new Crypto Shinys in the game? What do you think, why are you already there and which you like visually best? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with the community.

Maybe the new Crypto Shinys but also with the return of Jessie and James together. The rogues will give you a visit in October again.

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