Grand Theft Auto V 3x Rewards for Deadline and more

Deadline brings the arenas to light up and gives you three times the Rewards in GTA this week. In addition, you will receive double car-Meet reputation if you shake the LSPD in the tracking series. Furthermore, Biker duplicate profit with the sale of hard substances – and by the way you can unlock new clothes.

The contents of the week at a glance:

Triple GTA $ & RP for deadline
Double Car-Meet Reputation in the verment series
Double GTA $ When selling cocaine and meth in mc sales missions
50% discount on replenishment for your mc company and on the purchase price of an meth- or kokainlabors and to associated adjustments and improvements
The white-red nagasaki-hoodie for those who play this week
40% discount on MC-Clubhäuser as well as related adjustments and improvements
New test vehicles : The EMPEROR VECTRE , the KARIN FUTO GTX and the DINKA Jester RR are ready for test drive at the TTStrecke in the LS Car Meet

Vehicle rabs : 50% on the rc bandito , 40% on the western rampant Rocket and the dinka vindicator , as well as 30% on the vapid dominator ASP
The nagasaki Outlaw is the main prize of the week on the fortune wheel
New price vehicle and -heraus request : LS-Car-MEET members who come to four consecutive days under the best five in the LS-Car-Meet series , receive the Karin Previon as a price
Prime Gaming Bonuses: All, which connect your social club account with Prime Gaming, get a bonus of 100,000 GTA $ for playing throughout this week
Prime Gaming Discounts: 35% on the dinka RT3000 and 65% on the lampadati Casco until the 20th of October

All the details of the contents of the week can be found on the Rockstar Newswire and here:

Triple Rewards for Deadline

and: Double GTA $ in selected MC sales missions and more

Deadline shows a radiant vision of the future. One in which counterparts with a lane of colorful light from the rear of their Shotaro blow each other into the air. If survival sounds daunting alone based on your reflexes: There are also power-ups that can help change the field to your favor.

Whether her victorious shows or ends as a smoldering wreck – all participants in deadline receive triple GTA $ & RP.

2x GTA $ for sale hard drugs as motorcycle club

The black market of Los Santos and the surrounding areas of Blaine County still flourishes, especially when it comes to hard drugs. The completion of MC sales missions from Meth or Cocaine brings you to Double GTA $ 29th. Satisfies the exceptionally high demand with goods of the finest quality and will be rewarded.

Double car-Meet reputation in the tracking series

With breathtaking speed through oncoming traffic to boards is one thing, but it is to do while the LSPD shoots on your tire and building roadblocks on the highways and side roads? That sounds better.

As a reward for their courage and their courage, all LS-Car Meet members participate in the tracking series , this week duplicate reputation.

IS IT WORTH IT?The New Nagasaki Outlaw Podium Car Free Lucky Wheel GTA 5 Online Review&Customization
Free Nagasaki Hoodie

Shows at least a little loyalty to the brands that you know and loves. Plays GTA online this week and gets the white-red Nagasaki Hoodie for free.


Anyone who comes to four consecutive days among the best five in the LS-Car-Meet series may take place at the Steering Wheel of Karin Previon – whatever you puppet him afterwards. Members find the LS-Car Meet series in the interaction menu.

New vehicles on the test track

Go to the test track in the Car Meet and tries how the Emperor Vectre, Karin Futo GTX and the Dinka Jester RR are about to circle the columns, or challenges your rivals to a friendly Spurt .

The podium vehicle of the week: Nagasaki Outlaw

Looks past the lobby of the Diamond Casino & Resort to turn on the lucky wheel and gain GTA, RP, clothing, snacks and other surprise prices. The price vehicle of the week is the Nagasaki Outlaw, a buggy, which was explicitly built for squeezing the last drop of adrenaline from his driver.


Who wants to take a criminal career and would like to conflict with the law, this can do this at reduced prices: there is 40% discount on clubhouses and associated improvements. In addition, replenishment costs are reduced by half this week, just like cocaine and meth laboratories – including improvements and modifications. There are also discounts on vehicles, including an RC, a trike and a dream for tuner. Below is the complete list.

30% discount

Vapid dominator asp 40% discount Dinka Vindicator MC clubhouses and improvements Western Rampant Rocket 50% discount RC Bandito Bonuses and advantages with Prime Gaming GTA online players who successfully associate their account in the Rockstar Games Social Club with Prime Gaming, get 100,000 GTA $ when you play at any time this week. In addition, Prime Gaming members receive exclusive discounts such as 35% on the Dinka RT3000 and 65% on the Lampadati Casco until the 20th of October. Sign up at Prime Gaming to get access to future benefits. Details and restrictions can be found on the page of the Rockstar Support.

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