New World Forwards for a short time cool weapons over Twitch this is how it works

Amazon Prime is a paid registration program from Amazon which is available in different countries and also offers customers access to added services otherwise unavailable or available at a premium to various other Amazon customers. Solutions include very same, one or two-day shipment of items and also streaming music, video clip, electronic books, gaming and also grocery store purchasing solutions. In April 2021, Amazon reported that Prime had more than 200 million customers worldwide.

New World, the new MMO from Amazon, makes use of the function of the Twitch Drops and Prime Gaming directly to the start. You can earn excuses of skins if you want to watch streamers while playing New World. How exactly works and what it gives as rewards, we reveal from Meinmmo.

What is there for watching on Twitch? About the so-called Twitch Drops you can earn from September 28 at 17:00 to the new tendril weapons.

To do this, you only have to watch one of 66 selected streamers and loop the rewards on your Twitch account. You can get the following items:

Drop 1: Gaia Slice (Round Sign Skin) & Garden Wall (Tower Sign SKIN) – for the unlocking 1 hour.
Drop 2: green end armament (spear-skin) & luminous chip knife (throatx-skin) – a total of 2 hours watching
Drop 3: Crowding Swirls (Bow Skin) & Flower Swing (Rapier Skin) – 3 hours watching.
Drop 4: Lavender Blossom (Langspitzschild-Skin) & Green Handle (Long Sword Skin) – Watch a total of 4.5 hours.
Drop 5: Rocking Hand (Ice Culps) & Glooms (Muskete Skin) – Watch a total of 6 hours.
Drop 6: Revenge of the Raven (Fire Staff Skin) & Pearl Gloss (Life Skin Skin) – Watch a total of 8 hours.
Drop 7: Green Handle (Strikeax Skin) & Moos Handle (War Hammer Skin) – a total of 10 hours.

The action runs until the 12th of October at 2:00 am our time. Thereafter, the current Twitch Drops are deactivated, but more have already been announced. You would not have to look at the hours in a row, but only distributed over the event period.

What are Twitch Drops? These are special rewards that you get to watch twitch streams. These will be released on your Twitch account, which you would then have to link to Amazon in the special case of New World with Amazon and then Steam.

Your Twitch Drops can then be found in the so-called Drops Inventory on Twitch. Twitch Drops lay at New World on the hand, as the platform Twitch belongs to Amazon.

These are the streamer for Twitch Drops

Which streamers can watch? All streamers who have already participated in the event Battle for New World were activated. These include German streamers like:

Entenburg – which is guaranteed to be live tonight

In addition, you can admire international streamer, such as:


The complete list of streamer can be found on the website of New World.

How to connect the accounts? The fastest way to connect the various accounts to the New World website. There is a special sub-item Twitch Drops , where you can connect directly to your Amazon account with Twitch and Stream.

New Skins and Emotes About Amazon Prime Gaming

What is available at Prime Gaming? Who owns Amazon Prime and connects its Amazon account with Twitch, can automatically benefit from Prime Gaming . This brings you a free subscription on Twitch and interesting loot for games.

The system is also used by Amazon to provide you with skins in New World:

From September 28th at 5:00 pm until November 1st there are 5,000 lucky brands (the currency from the shop), a pirate skin and a pirate-emote free – see cover picture.
From October 12 to November 1, you will receive a pirate swords and the throat cut through empath over Prime Gaming.

How exactly Prime Gaming works, you will learn about the associated website (Via Prime Gaming).

What do you tell you that there are so many skins and rewards around New World about Twitch and Prime Gaming? And will you get this loot? Write it into the comments.

Everything about the release of New World and all important guides we have collected here for you:

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