Echo Generation is an RPG of adventures to the Stranger Things that will be released to Xbox Game Pass

CocoCUCUBER Today has published a new trailer of Echo Generation, an RPG of adventures and battles with a supernatural touch starring a group of children, confirming the shoot of the video game for this October 21 on pc , Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Game Pass.

In Echo Generation, it is proposed to live a story with reminiscences of Earthbound and Stranger Things, with the playable premise to take control of a gang that has to save its people from everything strange that has begun to surround it after a mysterious accident. Thus, in this role adventure, it will be necessary to fight different monsters, complete several missions and unearthen secrets to reveal a conspiracy.

CocoCUCUBER guarantees a moving story about the supernatural, family and nostalgia of grow in a small town set in a world of retro touch dialing voxel that is already brand from the house. In this sense, perhaps the name of Cococucumber of Jobs like Riverbond, released in 2019. Background, a soundtrack of Electronic Music Synthwave .

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Returning to the playable, Echo Generation invites players to become battle teachers unlocking their hidden potential through the collection of more than 30 comics, each with their minigames, skills and statistics improvements.

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