Forsaken Free Ray Gun Easter Egg Ronald Raygun Pizza Box Locations

Un huevo de pascua o huevo pascual[1]​(en inglés easter egg) es un mensaje o capacidad oculta contenido en películas, series de televisión, discos compactos, DVD, Blu-ray, programas informáticos o videojuegos.
Entre los programadores, parece haber una motivación en dejar una marca personal, casi un toque artístico sobre un producto intelectual, el cual es por naturaleza estándar y funcional.
Actualmente, los huevos de Pascua tratan de entretener, buscar nuevos trabajos potenciales, pagar tributo a los ejecutivos o divertir a los programadores.[2]​

Yet one more Easter Egg has actually been found in the brand-new Cold War Zombies map Forsaken as well as it ll allow you get a free Ray Gun for supplying pizzas! .

The Ray Gun is among the most famous, and also effective, tools in Call of Task Zombies. Nevertheless, obtaining one isn t easy.

The Ray Gun has returned in the new Cold War Zombies map Forsaken, yet it is extremely well hidden behind a fun Easter Egg. That recognized that getting a Ray Gun was as straightforward as delivering some pizzas for a mohawked skeletal system?

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Exactly how to Get A Free Ray Gun in Forsaken– Cold War Zombies.

Zombies followers have actually currently worked out how to get a free Chrysalax Marvel Tool in Forsaken, yet this isn t the only powerful tool you can obtain completely free.

Comply with these steps to get a Ray Gun in the new Forsaken Zombies map:.

Prior to you hop right into Forsaken, you ll want to furnish Rate 3 updated Aether Shadow as your Field Upgrade.
Turn the power on and also end the lockdown on Forsaken.
Head over to the Coastline Pizza building.
As you go through the entryway, turn left– you will certainly see a closed door beside the counter.
Use Aether Shorud when standing right in front of this door to teleport with it.
This will certainly teleport you right into a secert room with punk skeleton Ronald Raygun.
Grab among the 4 pizzas on the table and also provide it to one of the 4 open pizza boxes found around the map within 44 seconds to finish the Anytown Order goal.
For each pizza you supply in Forsaken, you can return to Ronald Raygun as well as request settlement to get a reward– among these rewards will certainly be a free Ray Gun.

Nevertheless, to deliver the pizzas, you ll need to know the areas of the 4 open pizza boxes.

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Ronald Raygun Anytown Order Pizza Distribution Box Locations.

These are the locations of the empty pizza boxes in Forsaken. Each one you deliver provides you the possibility of obtaining a free Ray Gun in Forsaken! .

Under flooring of the video shop, in the back corner of the space alongside a mannequin.

As you enter the movie theater, this pizza box will certainly be on a bench alongside 2 seated mannequins.

On the booth table in the back edge of bench.

In Hamburger Town on the back facility table.

And those are all of the pizza shipment Easter Egg places in Forsaken– just make sure to head back to Ronald Raygun afterward to claim your free benefits.

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Also thanks to MrWilliamThor for assembling a handy video clip on how to finish this Easter Egg and also obtain a free Ray Gun in Forsaken.

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