Far Cry 6 Who has Prime Gaming gets new outfits weapons horse and more

Far Cry 6 is there and invites you to the large Open World College. You can collect busy extras that go far beyond a few new weapons. Who does not that last and who has an Amazon Prime Gaming Account can still dust a few goodies. The included Vaquero package attracts with in Game currency, new weapons, a weapon trailer, a horse, and more.

Far Cry 6: These bonuses get you when you have a prime subscription

Ubisoft s latest Large Open World Shooter can be played since yesterday. No matter if you are on PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X: There s a lot to do, because Yara is full of outposts, opponents, lot and weapons. As Far Cry 6 liked, you can read in our big Cry test and see in the test video:

Prime gaming brings bonuses: As so often, there is also some extensive promo collaborations at Far Cry 6. For example with Amazon Prime Gaming . Do you have an account there, wave various in game accessories and bonuses. If you look a bit cooler from the beginning and have a few advantages or generally simply find more stuff well, you are exactly right here.

This is in it: The Prime Gaming Extras call themselves vaquero package and deliver a very well rounded overall package with everything the guerillera needs from the world. For example, a trailer for your car mirror in horseshoe shape or a golden weapon trailer in the form of a pocket watch.

Vaquero outfit: Chic west, hats, scarves and more
Pistol El Caballero Blanco
Gun Julia s last battle
Pocket watch- Weapon trailer
Vaqueros horse
Vehicle mirror decoration Yaran Horseshoe
Small Pesos Package ( 3000 pesos )

You need it: To be able to sack the prime gaming extras, you need a paid Amazon Prime account. You must then connect that with your Ubisoft account, which of course you need for it. And last but not least, you should also be Far Cry 6, to start something with the whole stuff.

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Amazon and ubisoft , however, currently have their own problems. The Twitch belonging to Amazon was just completely hacked and jelly. So that, among other things, the complete source code of Twitch and more have been published. Ubisoft has been exposed to serious allegations since 2020 , which focus on sexism, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

How do you find such cooperations in general and this here in special?

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