European Super League plans to restart without solid members

Led by Real Madrid, the FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin, the Super League failed in the spring, apparently works on a reboot. The new league should then have no permanent members other than initially planned, but 100 percent open . This is apparent from a concept paper that the wirtschaftswoche and the faz is present.

The concerns of many fans, which had led significantly to the failure of the project, should be included in the new plans. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the fact that the format of the proposed European Super League abolish the concept of permanent members and is open to European clubs, says in the paper.

The league sees itself as an alternative to the Champions League and wants to be ready as soon as the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has decided on competition UEFA. A judgment is expected in the coming summer.

For example, a Super League with 20 teams and a second league with also 20 teams, for which all clubs could qualify, would write the wirtschaftswoche over the paper.

Super League: More regard to the fans and spectators

Special attention is paid to the viewers. Fans should get grants to travel to away games. With the final game, 70 percent of the seats for the fans of the finalists should be reserved. For half of the fantocets, prices should be limited to maximum.

Twelve European top clubs had published their plans for the founding of a Super League during the night of April 19th. German clubs were not below. With great public pressure, nine start-up members moved away from this idea.

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Bayern Munich s former board leader Karl-Heinz Rummenigge holds a renewed start for a super league, on the other hand, unrealistic. The topic Super League is done, is dead. It will never bloom again, that s totally clear. It was a big fall, the vote of the fans was clear, he had said last.

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