Undecember will be easier than Path of Exile Without character classes and without lootboxes

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We have some new information for you about Undecember – Hack n Slash game, which can achieve a big success and realistically fight with such titles as Lost Ark Online, Path of Exile or Diablo 3.

To the point:

Production of the game began at the beginning of 2019
Undecember will not have seasons, only normal additions and updates from Path
Add-ons are to appear every 4-6 months, and smaller updates every 4-6 weeks
According to the creators of Undecember, Path of Exile has a high entry threshold , which is why their game will be more friendly to new players
Also planned to add funny elements that have been avoided in Hack n Slash
Although Undecember has a lot of group activity (Dungeon, Rally, Guild Wars), this Solo fun will be possible as possible
Undecember will be a typical H N s, where object farming will play the most important role
Objects occur in many different specifications and players will have to devote time on the farm so that these competent matches their configuration
Undermber will not have classes. Instead of this figure divided into three categories: melee, distance and magic fight.
In this way, players will be able to create their own characters, tailored to their fighting style
Magic alone is divided into a dozen or so different elements (fire, ice, lightning, spells evoking, etc.)
No Trade 1: 1
Auction House will be the only place to buy / sell items
Dropy from group dungeons or rallies will be unique / personnel for each player
Rally in Undecember are not to be too difficult. The creators put primarily on playing, not hardcore-content, with whom we have to know boss mechanics

No lootboxes and elements that would harm the game
The plot of the game was divided into ten scenario acts (whatever it means)
Global / English-speaking version of Undecember will be distributed through steam

We remind you that the South Korean CLOSED beta starts this week. From these tests, it will depend on how to quickly receive undecemon on the market.

https: //undecember.line.games/

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