Tea for God VR Shooter creates a large world in a small available room with geometric tricks

The Talos Principle is a video game developed by the Croatian Developer Team Croteam and digitally released by Devolver. It was published on 11 December 2014 at the same time for Linux, MacOS and Windows. For Android it was published on May 28, 2015, for the PlayStation 4 on October 13, 2015. And for the Nintendo Switch, the game was published on 10 December 2019. It is a puzzle game with a philosophical action. The name Talos comes from a mechanical giant from Greek mythology that protected Europe and Crete in front of pirates and other intruders.

Why do only a few VR games use the real room? The Polish Developer Jarosl.aw Ciupin ski (ALIAS Void Room) went to this question and found its own personal answer with the procedural Shooter Tea for God. A demo has existed for a long time. Meanwhile, the fall 2022 was announced as a release period for the full version.

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In this game, one moves exclusively with your own feet – according to Steam description there is neither teleport nor sliding . The room is apparently clever the real room. After you e.g. In a claustrophobic narrow gear has gone several times around the corner, a different room suddenly formed at the starting point.

Finally, is in a distant future of full of colonized worlds and modern technology, which can even dynamically change the construction of rooms. Similar spatial tricks (and games with the expectations of the user) were already used in the puzzle game Antichamber, but not so intense, in VR or so small space.

In addition to a beginner-friendly arcade mode with checkpoints, a Roguelite variant with Permadeath and permanent unlocks is also planned – including rich gameplay systems , which require experiments and exploring the part of the open world. While the player penetrates deeper into the complex, the mysterious story confronts him with an audio recording. She delivers answers about the surreal world, but also raises new questions.

A release is scheduled for steam, itch.io, and quest (Applab and SideQequest) or already available in the Early Access. To play are at least 1.80 meters x 1.20 meters needed – or 90 centimeters x 60 centimeters, then horizontal scaling is used to make the world greater appear.

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