Cacao Games Community Digital Alienated Campaign for PC Donation

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Cacao Games (each representative Namgungon, Cho Gyu-hyun) announced on the 22nd to proceed with the PC Donation Campaign for the Adolescent Foundation (Representative Diamise) and the Community Digital Alienation Layer.

As part of the efforts to resolve the gap of the digital environment, this campaigned was developed as a social contribution project that donates PCs to Children and Youth targets in Seongnam City. In particular, we have been planning to preach the meaning of equal pleasure and education in digital alienation, including environmental protection through resource-enabled cycle.

Cacao Games said that employees were used for their work, to repair and repair them with various software upgrades, and delivered to the Youth Foundation in Seongnam City. Donation PC is delivered to a total of 35 adolescent agencies and Love Area Children s Center and a total of 35 teenagers such as the association agency selected as the Village of Mentor Da and Seongnam Balanced Consultation . Seongnam City Children s non-disaster education is expected to be used for education and leisure life.

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Cacao Games I hope to help improve the education of students from a digital environment at a timely period of time, Cacao Games will help to improve the education of students who are alienated from a digital environment at everyday life. In addition, I said.

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