Amazon did not forget about Lost Ark New information about the game and beta tests

Everyone lives a new world , but let us not forget that in a few months Amazon Games Studios (already as a publisher) will deliver to the market for another awaited months Amazon.

Lost Ark online.

A new message was just published ( here ), from which we learn about beta tests and the contents of the game after the debut. In both cases, these are excellent information.

Translation via Lost Ark Poland

  • First of all, good news for people who did not have the opportunity to test the Lost Ark, the upcoming beta has been slightly elongated and will last all week (4-11 November).

  • In addition, we will get a new prologue that is more friendly to new players.

\ – In addition, information confirmed that our version of the game will have unlocked locations to Rohendel, which means more content on the start (Tier 2 Guardian, etc.) by the way, the maximum character of up to 55 and the level of expedition are also increased 100.

  • A nice gesture towards Beta testers is also the fact that after reaching the level of 50 characters, each will get the ability to do a new form immediately with the level 50, as we get a pass that allows you to jump the story ( Power Pass will be available at the beginning only in Beta).

Lost Ark Cash Shop & Premium Membership Review (Russian version)

\ – bonus everyone will receive 40,000 crystals for use in the Item Shop, of course only during beta. This is to test the payment model, etc.

We remind you that Lost Ark Online has been delayed to the first quarter of 2022. So that the premiere of Games in Europe and North America will take place between January 1 and March 31.

Lost Ark Online will start without a Polish language version.

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