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While Diedestiny 2-community celebrates Halloween, players have become a great problem of the game. The artificial limits of currencies and items to which you also encounter during events.

Bungies New version of the Halloween event has been well received until now. There are only small changes to the event, but already the elimination of the spookforst has brought fresh wind into the dusty event. Also, the idea with the Lorebuch and the community armor are something that the players have found. Would not be this a common thing: artificial limits.

In Destiny 2, there are artificial limits that many players for annoying, arbitrary and completely unnecessary. This has been felt during the event especially for spectral pages.

In Destiny 2 there are different limits:

You can collect a maximum of 75 spectral pages at the Halloween event.
Also seasonal currency (parallax bows) are limited to 3000 pieces.
The upper limit of your mica is currently 250,000.
Your tresor is limited to 500 equipment.
Players may only own 20 ascendant fragments per char. (40 maximum at 3 chars)
The improvement prisms are limited to 50 pieces per char. (200 maximum at 3 chars)

And that was just an excerpt of the current limits. Bungie has even more upper limits, which the players restrict the one or the other type again and again. The farm potential for many of the materials in Destiny 2 is too restrictive.

The crass opposite of these are materials that nobody needs more. For example, the unpopular mod components can be stacked into the infinite in the inventory. Only here is the difference: the components are nothing more good if you have all the mods.

Bungie brakes his players artificially

The displeasure about these artificial farm boundaries is currently being louder again. Especially because it happens more and more often that the LIMIT player brings to certain items:

Players lose the most valuable currency in the game, ascendant fragments because they can not store more than 10 of them on the post office and in their inventory. If the post runs over because you may spend longer in a raid, you are gone forever.
Or players do not pay attention to the caps of seasonal currency and without realizing it, they just get nothing for their time and their effort.

The Destiny 2-player Oravital1 was the same as he wanted to farm his spectral pages in the Gambit.

Have just made a 3-hour gambit grind, just to find out that the spectral side upper limit is 75. Who knows how many I missed?

writes Oravital1 at Destiny 2 Reddit

As long as this is so, players should always keep in mind the number of spectral pages during the lost festival so that the event progress is not lost.

While you exactly the Lore pages for the Halloween event, farmed we have summarized you in this article.

Players want a cancellation of all artificial limits

After posting quickly became clear, with this problem, the gambit misfortune is not alone.

The reddit post has now received over 6.5k upvotes and the community always demands louder of bungie a lifting of all artificial limits and thus agrees to the requirement of Oravital1, which took it to the point:

Listen to provide everything with a damn limit. Mica, [legendary] fragments, [planetare] materials and a thousand other things. Just hear. Let s play the damn game as we want. If I get 200 spectral pages and then you want to give off, I just leave me for heaven s will.

Bungie brakes his players for a long time. The demand of the players is not new. Artificial farm borders have been a miracle point for the community since Destiny 1. The festival of the lost 2021 has once again moved this highly conceivable topic into the limelight:

I NTEGALOFEDOTDR writes: I think one of the worst upper limits is mica when ascendant fragments 50,000 mica costs and the kiosk sake over 100,000 mica. If [Bungie] could increase the upper limit to 400,000, that would be nice.

Umbral Engrams are also cropped.: Players in Destiny 2 have only four chances per week on a good weapon / armor over their focused T3 Umbral Engrams. And the PERK combinations as well as arms values ​​have become worse in Season 15:

The player Speedfreakjj realizes: T3 Umbral Engram to limit, which do not even have a high value, was the ultimate D K-Move.

Players of Destiny 2 are currently annoying:

Destiny 2 says the content vault is necessary – players still find him unnecessary
Destiny 2 Nerft His Best Exotic – is the Vex Mythoclast in the end?
Guardian in Destiny 2 afraid that the safes for Witch Queen are too small

Why is Destiny 2 limiting his players at all?

The limitation should probably inflate the player inflate . For example, a limitation of the Umbral Engrams ensures that the players come back week for week to farm their four T3 Umbral Engrams. Similar to TimeGating, bungie expands the content to a longer period of time.

Such elements that stretch the content leads to more consistent player numbers. That s exactly what is very bad at the players. You do not feel free in the things you can do in Destiny 2.

What does Bungie say?: Bungie has not yet been concrete. The last mica Cap increase was made to the publication of Shadowkeep in August 2019. At that time, that was also a demand of the community that has fulfilled bungie. It can therefore not be ruled out that with the witch king in February 2021 also a few adjustments are made. Whether then all or even limits fall is still questionable.

Did you actually achieve the limit for your spectral pages? What is your opinion on the artificial limits in the game? Have you already lost ascendant fragments about the post, because you can not have been inventory anymore? Do you feel just as limited or do you not reach the caps at all?

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