Chris Hemsworth thought they were going to throw him from the UCM not to leave in civil war

The films of the cinematographic universe of Marvel have been characterized by going to build little by little its narratives and their characters, which has then allowed all kinds of epic crossover and that their heroes can appear in different movies.

Although in Infinity War and Endgame finally joined the full UCM, Captain America: Civil War supposed a before and after the team of Avengers, as he brought together many of the land heroes that we had already seen in the movies and introduced the Spider-Man from Peter Parker.

THE WAR BEGINS  // Grand Tactician: The Civil War // CSA 1861 Campaign // Ep. 1

However, civil war was left out to one of the original avengers. The absence of thor was quite sound, considering that he had already starred two solo films and formed part of the two survening deliveries. So when Thor was missing in civil War , Chris Hemsworth confesses that he came to think that they were going to throw him from the UCM.

I remember being on the press tour of era de Ultron and that everyone was talking about Civil War, explains Hemsworth in the book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And for me it was like … What is Civil War?

So I asked Is that you have another project or something? And they told me Oh, no. Captain America, you know. The next is civil War . The actor continues. And I stay like … That Iron Man is in that? But it is that he is not just iron man. It is also vision, spider-man …

When Hemsworth asked what he was supposed to be doing, from Marvel, you have your own thing , which did not reassure him a lot and led him to think that they were going to get Thor from the movies. As we know, that did not happen, if not that took Thor to the most cosmic side of the UCM.

Mark Ruffalo has also confirmed that he did not call him either to participate in civil war with the rest of avengers, so hemsworth and he began to have his own internal joke about what they could be doing The two characters.

To answer that question, Marvel ended up doing the short Team Thor in the Mockumentary style. They had this idea that Thor was on vacation in Australia, doing normal things and going out with normal people, says Hemsworth on the short run by Taika Waititi who would take Thor: Ragnarok.

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