Black Friday These dealers and rubrics should keep an eye on

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At the end of November it is warm and not only because the winter is in front of the door. On the 26th of November, Black Friday and the tempted as every year with numerous offers, also in the field of entertainment, games and technology.

In order for their time to create your bargain hunter equipment and write a wish list, we have already searched for dealers, rubrics and products for you, which you should keep in mind better at the most favorable day of the year.

One thing in advance: Many dealers like Amazon with his Black Friday week have many offers several days before the actual Black Friday. So waits not until the 26th of November, but keeps his eyes open before.

Black friday: Which dealers should you have in mind?

If you are interested in the categories of technology, series, films and gaming, of course, three dealers are worth a visit. Amazon is probably the most important address with its numerous Black Friday offers. There are new offers in the minute clock and not every product is unlimited, the delivery giant shines above all by its variety. Even more, you sometimes save as a prime customer and not only because then the delivery costs are eliminated.

Otherwise, the view of Media Markt and Saturn is worthwhile. But whatever the two chooses her, it is less important because both usually ride the same offers. The two electronics markets will make Amazon also competition on Black Friday with numerous austerity prices.

Reduced games for cheap gaming pleasure

If you feel like good deals, but do not want to ride the very big guns, should be well advised with the video games. There it will give it like every time many cheap bargains, not only in the classics, but also with the newer titles. Even brand updated games from this year should be numerous at the Black Friday represented.

Well, the chances are for example for current PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 title. So then saves this year s blockbusters like Resident Evil Village, Ratchet and Clank or Return. The controversial biomutant, which is often often under the 40 euro border, could then be even cheaper.

Will there be cheap consoles on Black Friday?

In terms of consoles, however, you should not make any hopes, at least not if you are looking for next-gene. Finally, the PlayStation 5 sells bread for the original price as cut.

It looks different because of the Nintendo Switch. Since the OLED model has recently appeared and the original console has already pushed down the price, the mixture of handheld and home console on Black Friday could become more favorable. Of course, the same applies to the already cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite.

With a little luck, you also get one or the other switch game for a few coins less. Nintendo is known for its price stability, but the Black Friday is not a regular savings day. Throw at the last year, Zelda Prühler Hyrule Warriors: Time of devastation on the list! And if you are pretty brave, you may even catch the freshly published metroid dread reduced.

Technology for a savings price

If you are already well equipped with consoles and games, you may need the right TV, a new monitor or a new PC. Keep the appropriate categories at Amazon and Co. in view here as well!

Away from this, Amazon, MediaMarkt and CO often offer little things and accessories. Buying your headsets, mice or adapter maybe that may not feel like any special achievements, but if you save a bit of each product, a pretty bloom quickly comes together.

Movies and series to spot prices

If you then got a nice TV, of course you need something that you can look at it. Those who prefer to favor physical DVDs and Blu-rays instead of Netflix, should definitely follow the Black Friday attentively. Not only current films such as Black Widow are often available to cheap prices, but also numerous classics such as Casablanca are thrown back for a few euros.

Last but not least, there is also a look at serial lovers. Because not only whole seasons are often on the Black Friday often to ridiculous prices, even complete series can then be significantly cheaper. This makes her playing easy through the cold, dark winter.

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