Where to find a boss disdained in Destiny 2 Premium with disdained sword

The despised sword premium Destiny 2 is a new daily premium you get from a Bunker Seraph. You can complete it in two ways. The first is to kill a guard with a sword, which can be done by heading to the crucible reading lists, bringing a sword, camping the heavy ammunition generator, then killing someone.

If you prefer to eliminate the disdainful boss, you can go to the city of dreams. Appear in the dival mists, then return and head to the lost area behind you.

This area is called the bay of the vows drowned and is filled with contempt and a multitude of Screebs. Fresh a path until the end and you will find a disdainful boss that will count for this premium. Kill them and the premium will be complete.

This is not a particularly difficult area for veterans, but the new players could have a little harm. As long as you do not run too far, you should be able to handle all Screebs that appear and be sure to eliminate the biggest enemies because the first Screen groups will reappear while these monsters rush to you.

Be careful when you reach the energy wall because you have to kill everything else before it falls, allowing you to continue. Jump over the nearby rocks so that the Screebs can not catch you, then pick up as they appear. Killing a soon enough after their appearance will eliminate the whole group, which will facilitate your life.

This is certainly the fastest way of the game to complete the premium with the despised sword for Rasputin.

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