Lost Ark reveals details about the shop in Europe Everything will be in Game

Lost Ark also gets an Ingame shop in Europe, where you can spend real money. Many players feared a pay2win model for the MMORPG, which will appear soon. Now there are finally handproof information we summarize from Meinmmo for you.

Why is this such a topic? Lost Ark is already playable in South Korea and in Russia. The in-game shop there is critically seen by many western players.

In a new article on Lost Ark, it is now: Amazon Games has worked with SmileGate RPG to adapt the business model to Western standards and player compensations (via playlostark.com).

What does the shop look like in the West? According to the blog post, you have revised some key points in the shop:

All items from the shop should also be acquired by in-game currencies.
PETS are no longer rentable, but can be bought permanently.
The items of Maris remain available for the dealer longer (72 hours).
The Premium Service – The Crystalline Aura – has been revised and now gives less playing advantages, such as the bonus XP or the increase in motion.

In addition, the premium service can now also be purchased with crystals. Thus, it is no longer necessary to invest real money to use all the benefits. An advantage that the Korean and Russian version of the game does not yet offer.

Here you can see an overview of the Ingame currency:

Trading system and all 4 currencies of Lost Ark

Thus traded in Lost Ark: In addition to the real money shop, there is a dealer whose offer is regularly rotated through Maris. You can acquire items in exchange for blue crystals.

In addition, there is a trading post, on which player can trade with each other.

How does the currency system work? Overall, there are four different currencies:

Royal crystals
These crystals can only be purchased with real money.
With them you can buy blue crystals again.
Blue crystals
You can get on different ways. These include quests and successes, or you buys them with royal crystals.
You can also exchange gold against blue crystals.
The classic ingame currency of Lost Ark.
You get gold through the completion of quests, raids, or in exchange for royal crystals.
Another standard currency in the game.
You will receive by most Ingame activities such as quests, fighting, in chests and so on.

Through the exchange of currencies you can theoretically create every item from the shop yourself. Currently, however, it is not known how high the exchange rate is. So it may be that your tons have to collect gold to replace them against enough crystals.

That will probably see that when the MMO appears. However, there are also smaller exceptions that can not be purchased without real money.

M EHR to Lost ARK:

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What is not in the game? If you pre-ordered the founder package before release, you not only get access to the closed beta, but also some extra content. These are only included in the founder package and can not be released.

All editions can be found here in the overview.

When will Lost Ark appear? After the short-term shift, Lost Ark appears early 2022. There is not a precise date yet. Previously, a closed beta takes place in November.

When exactly can you play LOST ARK? It s going to go soon. From the 4th to 11th November 2021, the first Closed Beta should take place at Lost Ark. Previously, there was already a technical alpha, which took place from 11 to 16 June.

All important information about the Closed Beta we have summarized for you in our special: Lost ARK: When does the beta start to the new MMORPG?

What do you think about the changes in the Ingame Shop? Are you enough for the adjustments, or do not you go far enough?

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