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An alternative reality video game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative that utilizes the real life as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling to supply a tale that may be modified by gamers suggestions or activities.
The form is defined by extreme gamer involvement with a tale that happens in actual time and develops according to gamers feedbacks. Ultimately, it is shaped by personalities that are actively controlled by the game s developers, in contrast to being controlled by an AI as in a computer or console computer game. Players communicate directly with characters in the video game, solve plot-based difficulties as well as challenges, and also work together as an area to evaluate the story and coordinate real-life and online tasks. ARGs usually make use of multimedia, such as telephones, e-mail, and mail yet count on the Net as the central binding tool.
ARGs have a tendency to be free to play, with prices soaked up either through sustaining products (e.g. collectible problem cards fund Perplex City) or with promotional partnerships with existing products (for instance, I Love Bees was a promotion for Halo 2, and the Lost Experience and Locate 815 promoted the television program Shed). Pay-to-play versions exist as well. Later games in the category have actually revealed an increasing amount of trial and error with brand-new designs and sub-genres.

Amazon gives an overview of the Ingame content and the games that will be available at Prime Gaming in November 2021. Prime Gaming is included in Amazon Prime Membership.

The free games are Dragon Age Inquisition, Control: Ultimate Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rogue Heroes, Liberated, Puzzle Agent 2, Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter, BAFL – Brakes Are for Losers and Secret Files: Sam Peters. Members of Amazon Prime can pick up these offers for a limited time on

Description of the games of Amazon:

Dragon Age: Inquisition – As a hero, players make important decisions that determine the fate of Thedas. Between ongoing wars and demonic invasions, a group closes to warriors together to victory the conflicting land… or fail.
Control: Ultimate Edition – The main game of Remedy Entertainment and the previously published extensions The Foundation and AWE are included in a large package.
Rise of the Tomb Raider – Lara Croft breaks down in an adventure in Siberia, looking for the legendary city Kitezh. In doing so, she has to defeat the paramilitary organization Trinity, which wants to claim the secret of the city hidden in the city: immortality.
Rogue heroes – Together with friends is fought in procedural dungeons and explored the great, mysterious overworld. One to four players must defeat the Titans in this classic adventure game with Rogue-Lite elements and save the once peaceful tasos.
Liberated – The revolution begins and players are ready for a new kind of action adventure. They cover a cyberpoint conspiracy against human rights in a rainy city within a paperback comic.
Puzzle Agent 2 – In the continuation of the award-winning puzzle agent, Agent Nelson Tethers must solve the largest case of his career. So that the case does not remain unresolved forever, Tethers goes back to the eerie city of Scoggins to solve the secret of Hidden People for all times.
Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter – In the continuation of Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond demands Dawn the players out to solve puzzles and mini-games and uncover the secrets that question their entire existence.
BaFL – Brakes Are for Losers – In this game full of arcade fun, friends enter into crazy cars against each other and try to leave their opponents with a bold driving style and dirty tricks behind them.
Secret Files: Sam Peters – The mysterious asanbosam is a mysterious creature behind the trees in Bosumtwi, a crater lake in Africa. Journalist Sam Peters searches for answers behind the legends of Ashanti in Ghana.

November 2021 Sneak Peek - Prime Gaming

As usual, there are numerous Ingame content (formerly Twitch Drops) for running games, which include, for example, skins, bonus items or ingame currency, eg for New World (Robin Hood Pack 1), Apex Legends (Ash Venom Blade Bundle) and more EA titles, Far Cry 6, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Victories, Free Fire and more.

All offers can be redeemed on As always at Prime Gaming, all content is only available for a limited time.

Prime members have unlimited access to an ever-waxing collection of great PC games, to which new titles are added every week. The selection changes to keep the titles interesting. That s why it is recommended to pick up current games every week, Prime Gaming offers titles and in-game content worth of hundreds of euros, which are always available – and all games are you forever, writes Amazon.

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Below the current Prime Gaming calendar:

Now available

New World – Pirate Packs 1 und 2: Swashbuckler Skin, the Pirate Stance und Cutthroart Emotes, 5K Marks of Fortune, Pirate Sword, (3) Crests
Far Cry 6 – Vaquero Bundle: Vaquero Outfit Set (Hat, Vest, Pants, Boots, Bracelet), El Caballero Blanco Pistol, Julia s Last Stand Rifle, Pocket Watch Weapon Charm, Vaquero s Ride Horse, Yaran Horseshoe Vehicle Mirror Prop, One Small Pesos Pack (3000 Pesos)
Genshin Impact – Primogems x60, Hero s Wit x8, Mora x40000, Crispy Potato Shrimp Platter x5
Call of Duty – Flight School Bundle: Epic Snapshot Operator Skin, Rare Skybird Vehicle Skin, Epic Full Barrage Finishing Move, Rare Screaming Eagles Emblem
Call of Duty – WSOW Fall 2021 Bundle: Epic “Combat Revive” Calling Card, 1-hr 2XP Token, 1-hr 2WXP Token, Epic “Health Beat” Emblem
Fallout 76 – Red Steel Crusader Pistol Paint, Brotherhood of Steel Wallpaper, Mr. Fuzzy Backpack Skin
Epic Seven – 1x Tera-Phantasma, 6x Giga-Phantasma, 20x Leif
Rainbow Six Siege – 7-Day Renown Booster
League of Legends – Prime Gaming Capsule – 650 RP, (1) Unowned 1350 RP Skin Permanent, 200 Orange Essence, (5) Champion Shards, (2) Series 1 Eternals Shards, and (1) 30-Day XP Boost
League of Legends – Worlds 2021 – Happiness Overload emote
Free Fire – Weapon Royale Voucher (x5)
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions – Story Skip Ticketx100, Event Skip Ticketx100, NRG Restore(L)x30
Fall Guys – Prime Loot 11 Axolotl
World of Warships – Premium Cruiser Emden Pack: Tier II Premium German Cruiser Emden, German Commander with 3 skill points
Riders Republic – Elfie costume + 10 helicopter Drops
For Honor – Champion Status and Loot, 7 Day Champion Status, 2 Scavenger Crates, 3 Battle Pass Tiers
Dauntless – Arcslayer Aethercasters Aetherstriker Skin

01. November: Kostenlose Spiele mit Prime – Dragon Age Inquisition, Control Ultimate Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rogue Heroes, Liberated, Puzzle Agent 2, Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter, BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers, Secret Files: Sam Peters
01. November: Letzte Chance für: STAR WARS: Squadrons, Alien: Isolation, Ghostrunner, Song of Horror Complete Edition, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, Wallace & Gromit s Grand Adventures, Blue Fire, Tiny Robots Recharged, Whiskey & Zombies: The Great Southern Zombie Escape, Secret Files 3
03. November: Epic Seven – 1x Tera-Phantasma, 6x Giga-Phantasma, 300.000 Golds
04. November: Last Day on Earth – Caustic Chopper Skin
09. November: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Amazon Prime Chest: Hanabi (7-Day), Hanabi Fiery Mot” (7-Day), Lancelot (7-Day), Lancelot Dark Earl (7-Day)
10. November: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions – Select Element Fragment of Thought x50 Summon Ticket
10. November: Free Fire – Crystal Soul (Cosmetic)
16. November: Legends of Runeterra – Epic Wildcard
19. November: World of Warships – 1x Black Friday Container, 20x Shadow Lurker Camouflages

Wer noch kein Prime abgeschlossen hat und damit nicht nur von den kostenlosen Games oder dem Gratisversand bei vielen Produkten profitieren möchte, sondern auch Zugriff auf z.B. Amazon Video bekommt, kann dieshier nachholen – die Mitgliedschaft kostet 7,99 Euro im Monat oder als Jahresabo 69,- Euro. Wer sich noch nie für Prime registriert hat, kann den Service 30 Tage kostenlos testen.

Außerdem hat Amazon eine Zusammenarbeit mit Riot Games beschlossen. Prime-Mitglieder werden exklusive Ingame-Angebote für League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Valorant und League of Legends: Wild Rift sowie Emotes für E-Sport-Wettkämpfe erhalten.

League of Legends – Ab heute enthält die Prime Gaming-Kapsel 650 Riot Points, einen Skin im Wert von 1350 RP, den Spieler noch nicht besitzen, fünf permanente Championsplitter, 200 Orange Essenz, zwei Sets Ewige aus Serie 1sowie einen 30-tägigen EP-Boost und.
League of Legends E-Sports – Ab heute können Zuschauer:innen der „League of Legends“-Weltmeisterschaft ein spezielles E-Sport-Emote einsammeln. Weitere exklusive E-Sport-Emotes werden bei internationalen „League of Legends“-E-Sportevents 2022 vergeben.
League of Legends: Wild Rift – Ab dem 18. November können Prime-Mitglieder ein ganzes Jahr lang alle zwei Wochen exklusive Inhalte für das Mobile-Spiel abstauben (insgesamt 24-mal). Dazu gehören zufällige Kugeln, Emotes, Rückrufe, Skins und Skin-Posen.
Valorant – Nach Abschluss der aktuellen Serie im Januar 2022 können sich Spieler:innen ein Jahr lang exklusive, verbesserte Basisinhalte für VALORANT holen. Dazu gehören zwei Waffen-Skins, zwei Spielerbanner, vier Glücksbringer und vier Graffitis.
Legends of Runeterra – Nach Ende der aktuellen Serie im Januar 2022 können sich Prime-Mitglieder monatlich Inhalte sichern, darunter eine prismatische Truhe der Klasse 3 und eine epische Karte oder eine prismatische Truhe der Klasse 3 und drei seltene Wildcards.

As part of year-round cooperation, Prime Gaming will act as a global sponsor for Riot Games E-Sports. This includes competitions in League of Legends, Valorant and Wild Rift, but also several LOL e-sporting events for the LCS and LEC and Valorant Champions Tour competitions in EMEA and North America in 2022. Prime members can get the exclusive E-Sport Emote named Happiness Overload during this year s League of Legends World Championships, 2022 waiting for three more exclusive emotes. Viewers: Inside The LOL-E-Sports Transfer and suggested when you can get the exclusive emote.

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