Diablo Emoticon Global Private Test Start When is Korea

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Diablo emoticon global private testing begins 29 days.

The private testing is first in Australia and Canada, as in the last tests, as with the last tests. Korean private tests that support Korean text and voice are conducted in a separate independent schedule as well. Tests in Korea are scheduled to start in a few weeks, and details on schedule and participation methods are disclosed later.

Diablo Emoticon Private Beta includes a total of six occupational plays, including the Code of Conduct, which is introduced into the test, as well as a total of 6 job plays, of course, PVP and PVE-related changes and controller support. This test will be tested for a few weeks for the purpose of testing a variety of game late content and for the purpose of the player to experience the lateral content in a deep period of time.

Details of Diablo emotional private testing in Blizzard Entertainment are available for details on related blog posts.

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