Gwent the game of cards from The Witcher presents his trip and a Halloween event of Las Moiras

Gwent is a very particular case. The letter title based on the Geralt Saga de Rivia expands an idea introduced as Minigame The Witcher 3 and, although it has never been postulated as one of the protagonists of the genre, it still has its niche of players and receives constant updates, of equilibrium and content.

CD Projekt Red You have announced this week the beginning of the Seventh Travel Season, a way that includes more than 80 rewards over more than 100 levels that players are unlocked. Users can participate in weekly missions that will allow them to progress through the levels, in addition to the usual confrontations in the normal, travel and draft modes.

The episodes will rotate around Regis and Dettlaff weekly, new chapters of the history of the current trip will be published, as it is usual in the game. These episodes will turn around two large vampires: Regis, the old friend and comrade from Geralt de Rivia, and Dettlaff van der Eretein, known for the Blood and Wine expansion, one of the most recognized expansions of the last decade

Regis's Journey Menu Theme, Extended Version -- Gwent : The Witcher Card Game

As always, this pass can be accessed in two ways. Free access is open for everyone, and offers avatars, edges and reward points to unlock. For its part, if we pay the Premium version We will get what we have already mentioned more other special elements, such as dorsos of letters, coins, musical themes and titles. Of course, there are no lack of the aspects of leaders: we will have the neutral aspect of Regis and several beads to personalize the appearance of the character on the board.

This new travel mode has already started and will last three months. You can know more about it on the official website of the game, although you will like to know that it comes along with Halloween Saovine event, which will end on November 4.

The Halloween event is starring the Moiras is starring by Moiras, which will provide us with a series of specific missions. Once you have been completed, a title, an avatar and an edge are unlocked, as well as more commissions and, if we complete, we will receive a single currency and an edge to frame our achievement.

Gwent is available at PC and mobile devices, and it seems to be the only CD Projekt we have nearby. Recently, the company announced the delay of the new generation versions of its two larger games: Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. After them, it is expected to leave a little aside the futuristic aesthetics and return to the medieval fantasy, where They have always felt something more comfortable.

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