High risk facilities defense card will be released when daily recovery successes

In the next month on the 1st four weeks gradual recovery routine step 1 is introduced into the vaccination proof, sound hwakinje, aka vaccine passes. Private limited enlarged meeting people, but restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities are subject to separate restrictions.

Gwondeokcheol central disaster safety measures headquarters first Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services 29 days to release the consumer economy and livelihood facilities all multi-use facilities, limited hours of operation of a multi-use facility, consider a top priority challenges from the first reorganization of the said, I will release more safely on two occasions case of a high risk of infection nightlife, he said.

Followed by vaccines Pass the inevitable changes Please understand that measures to secure the recovery routine and restaurant-cafe is not applied, but the pass defenses to limit the use of the size of the US jeopjongja four people, he said.

Among gradual recovery routine step reform it has organized a private meeting of the disinfectant system changes and multi-use facility to Q & A.

■ up private meetings, 10 metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas of 12

Q. Private meetings are limited in size?

A. It is possible to have private meetings jeopjongja, without distinction jeopjongja US metropolitan areas is 10 persons, non-metropolitan areas is 12 people. However, restaurants, cafes used by the US jeopjongja size is limited to four. Therefore, users are restaurants, cafes were inoculated completed six-party US jeopjongja 4 people if the metropolitan area. Non-metropolitan areas in the US are allowed to jeopjongja 4 people vaccinated party complete eight.

Q. Private meetings limited exceptions?

A. If you have some members of the family to the local temporary work, study, etc., etc. couple weekends or residential life and other lives in the area live together like weekends and holidays do not apply. Also, if you need care, including 12 years of age, the elderly and people with disabilities but is also applicable to the exception. If you re dying, possibly gather from family, friends, etc. If you gather and proceed personnel and workers, outdoor sports stadium such as multi-use facility for the purpose of proceeding sports is also included in the exceptions.

Q. If you have the possibility of dying if you care you need, such as children, the elderly, people with disabilities are classified, but an exception?

A. If the person is limited to the care personnel such as child caregivers, care bohosa, activities supporting four performing care activities are permitted beyond. However, in the child s care and dual-income parents or single-parent families engaged in the occupation may be an exception, according to local discretion, depending on the field conditions, if necessary, the care of relatives, such as grandparents do not live together. If your friends are gathered for the dying it is also exceptionally allowed.

Q. Violations batna any punishment?

A. in accordance with the Law on the prevention and management of infectious diseases, Article 83, paragraph 4, is a 100,000 won fine imposed than is possible with respect to a violation of party. Penalties have gusanggwon may be charged for costs such as the City, OK therapy may be imposed redundant, now confirmed by administrative order violated occur.

Q. Also on board the same means of transportation, such as buses for the wedding one that the private meeting?

A. The wedding is not the subject of private meetings. Also on board on the same moving means does not correspond to the private meeting.

Q. If it exceeds the limited number of people boarding private meeting, accompanied by friends and taxis and buses colleagues will have violated the hygiene rules?

A. taxis, buses, underground (railway), etc., are means of transportation for the movement, including passenger transport. You can not view a violation preventative measures only the fact that a person who exceeds the limit personnel on board the private meeting that facility.

Q. Staff employed at the company interviews, meetings, etc., but also applies to private gatherings restrictions?

A. You can not see that the purpose of the meeting in private with the required activities for the corporate management. Not the person restricted.

Q. After business meetings and conferences authorized private dinner meetings?

A. Before the meeting, meal goes after the meeting is that the private meeting.

Q. It is possible to dine in-house meetings?

A. Meeting due to work is not available for private gatherings, meetings goes before and after meals, such as meetings, conferences are possible within the range of private meetings. If a face-to-face meetings to accompany lunches, drinks, etc., so you can continue to wear masks not splash (chimbangul) can be a lot of bounce should refrain as much as possible. Face-to-face meetings to accompany the food, such as in a restaurant are available within the range of private meetings.

Q. All day and night if it is possible to dine in groups among themselves if such events, meetings conducted two days attendees?

A. If you accompany the event, the nature of the accommodation and conferences, or the one normal meal absolutely necessary, it is possible to group dining in a distinct space by applying a number of restaurants, cafes. At this time, the distancing between 1m table, or need to install a space divider, and offset. If you use the dining room, providing such a way to allow access only to event attendees operations, and in this case also should adhere to the restaurants, cafes instructions.

Q. My company is meeting whether they apply to private meetings restrictions?

A. If for socializing, such as between people, it is possible within the limited range of private meetings.

■ nightlife is mandatory vaccination Pass

Q. Violations that quarantine rules in the nightlife, users also batna sanctions?

A. nightlife is so limited while at the same time using gotta operating limit of course until midnight Users must comply with the applicable rules. Violation infectious disease prevention claim 80 preparation may be prosecution in accordance with the No. 7.

Q. Multi-use facility workers, but also includes a private meeting people?

A., multi-use facilities, such as proceeds personnel, personnel of the characters are so difficult to see that the business activities said to have a private meeting with the guests, not included.

Q. If you go to the multi-use facilities such as the restaurant, if you divide the people using the facilities, but allowed?

A. Because that is already being gathered with the case of dividing a person sits only available for multi-use facilities such as the restaurant is not allowed.

Q. In the case of golf, but applies to private gatherings restrictions?

A. It is available for 10 people in metropolitan and non metropolitan area to 12 people. When used in the restaurant, the golf course as well as the general US jeopjongja restaurant is available only up to 4 people.

Q. Accommodation is possible in the accommodation reservation by several people?

A. It is possible to reserve accommodation within 10 people, including metropolitan and non metropolitan area to 12 people. A family member, if you need care, exceptions are allowed.

Q. Are vaccine recipient is also a multi-use facility use restrictions?

A. It is available in the vaccination of 10 people completed one who used multiple private meetings metropolitan limits when using facilities and non-metropolitan areas to 12 people.

Q. In restaurants and cafes to keep a certain quarantine rules?

A. If more facilities permit, report the area 50㎡ stores and ttuiwoya a column in a table or seat restaurant, cafe to ease the density. If it is difficult to comply with, between the table place the distance 1m or more, it should be installed between the partition table. For users, such as when you do not eat the food order food and atmosphere, before and after meals should wear a mask. Users who do not have packaging and delivery shall prepare a list chulipja electronic access list. If you violate this, the operator 3 million won or less, fines of less than 100,000 won for those users will be charged.

Q. Department stores, supermarkets and multi-use facilities within the restaurant is no quarantine rules shall apply?

A. must comply with department stores, supermarkets, golf courses and multi-use facilities basic hygiene rules and restaurant hygiene precautions such as putting distance between tables in the food court, etc. In the case of a restaurant right in chulipja listings and more. Department stores and large stores such as supermarkets more than 3,000 ㎡ should be mandatory for chulipja list when allowed to.

Q. Piece wedding personnel use limiting criteria?

A. Vaccination Status nine minutes or less than 100 ▲ ▲ 48-hour party complete without vaccination PCR negative resolver ▲ inevitable, including 18 years of age can not be vaccinated ▲ ▲ wanchija health reasons and chairs are permitted only when configured to less than 500 people.

Q. Social or pooled, but also included in the calculation used Number?

A. does not include the use of personnel, including the calculation of pooled and groom, bride, require moderator, juryeja the event in progress.

Q. In one song cages keep any quarantine rules?

A. Vaccination can use complete characters and PCR negative certificate holders, 18 characters or less, wanchija inoculated Not only due to unavoidable reasons after diagnosis. Must present the relevant proof upon admission to the facility manager or operator ‧ workers are available. Create chulipja list for tracking, as infection diagnosed party occurred ‧ management is maintained. Always wear a mask and food intake facilities is prohibited.

Q. Indoor sports facilities are available Can only those who have completed the vaccination?

A. Vaccination can use complete characters and PCR negative certificate holders, 18 characters or less, wanchija inoculated Not only due to unavoidable reasons after diagnosis.

Q. The indoor sports facilities to keep any one Prevention Tips?

A. phased opening hours and personnel restrictions on indoor sports facilities, depending on the daily restoration restructuring provisions are released.

Q. Eopna can recover gradually after day room watching a movie to your food intake?

A. in principle is prohibited within the auditorium ingestion.

Q. PC room, game room, operating room, but multi-restrictions this time?

A. Hours of operation restriction is released.

Q. It is possible on the PC room, game room, multi-room, eat?

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A. It is possible.

Q. School hours are?

A. The school is at 10 pm limit is maintained for the November 1 to November 21 period. Since the SAT on November 22 after run time limit it is released.

Q. Reading the operating time is limited, and available personnel?

A. Reading Room can be operated without a time limit. Doedo complete vaccination consists of only characters such incentives do not apply to disabled persons restricted.

Q. Mokyokjang in the vaccination proof, sound hwakinje shall apply?

A. mokyokjang is not proven, sound hwakinje vaccination is applied prospectively, extra opening hours and limited personnel available.

Q. Possible personnel attended a religious facility?

A. When you configure whether the Participants without the kind of relationship can participate up to 50% of capacity. However, when operating only with complete vaccination and chairs, it is possible to regular religious activities without restrictions on staff.

Q. Is it possible for a small group of religious activities?

A. In addition to regular religious activities, it is only permitted in the Laboratory and Scripture Study, Section Match, such as the Bible and Scripture Study, Section Worship, Mission and Events. However, the act of praying and reciting with a cavity or loud voice is prohibited. Q. Is it possible to stay in Religious Event ? A. It is recommended that dining or accommodation is limited in a limited case if necessary.

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