The best horror movies and fear that are not the ones that everyone has seen

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The horror film is one of the most prolific generated by the Seventh Art. The stories that make cling to the chair have always been the most fascinating.

However, considering the huge amount of horror productions that are made after one year on, it is normal that some tapes spend more unnoticed than others.

And yet, some of these films are very interesting to see (if we have the stomach for it), not usually the ones that come to mind when recommending.

Today in Hobby Consoles review some horror movies are not what everybody has seen and they are very well.

This does not mean that you have seen one, several or all we have included in the list, especially if you are fans of scary movies.

The Human Centipede

Let s start by The Human Centipede, a horror and fear that definitely is not for all viewers, however adults are.

It s a film with a asquerosita theme, but with such original conception as unfit for squeamish.

An eccentric scientist kidnaps three young people to experiment with them and achieve the ambitious project start it.

What is that project? Create a human centipede based surgically attaching the taffy of a subject to the anus of the above, collecting their digestive systems in a chain.


The horror film from South Korea and Japan, stands out for its little or no squeamishness when to unleash the gore.

2 hermanas is a good example. This sort of Cinderella K-horror version is inspired by a Korean folk tale.

A sister escapes from a psychiatric hospital and discovers that things in the family mansion are pretty bad, beginning a chain of events increasingly terrifying.


The House of the diablo suffered the consequences of a very limited release, but fans of terror set it in the place it deserves.

Director Ti West exploits many of the typical tropes of horror films, like demonic possession, nannies taken to the limit, etc.

A young woman accepts a job in a house, but when she arrives she discovers that she there is no child who monitor, but a sick man.

Gradually, things will become increasingly strange time for this young in a house in which almost no one would live.


You like spelunking? Perhaps because you remove the desire after seeing The Descent, the 2005 film that sees several women enjoy an adventure in a cave.

But things go wrong and they soon will be harassed by a mysterious race of predators with not very good intentions.

Interestingly, The Descent has two very different endings, one in the British version and another in the US.


Besides being the title of a competition presented at the time by Constantino Romero, Alta Tensión is also a French horror film of 2003.

High Voltage breaks with the conventions of the slasher film genre, where many of the victims are helpless teenage girls (and clumsy).

It is a sadist and very daring movie, much like fans of the genre and will discuss the most brainy far beyond their bloody scenes.


Green Room a movie seemed destined to sidestep the film scene, despite having cast includes Patrick Stewart great.

However A24 took the film and gave a premiere like god, engaging critics in the act.

A punk band gets trapped in the green room of a concert venue, surrounded by a band of neo-Nazis who do not seek peace and love to talk about precisely.

It is a film quite claustrophobic. If you have not seen, you have that detail present, because you can come over him wrong.


If you prefer slow horror movies that do not use the scare easy, The invitación is definitely what you are looking for.

A man is invited to a dinner with his ex-wife and her new husband. The situation is already rare in itself, but Will suspects that there is something wrong with everything.

This Low-Budget Horror Movie is Terrifying...For All The Wrong Reasons
Gradually details will be that they will support the suspicions of him, but when he becomes completely sure it will be too late.

And eye, which is directed by Karyn Kusama, director of Æon Flux.


The subject of cannibalism is always something prickly introducing into a film, unless you have Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter making, of course.

But what somos Somos, an American remake of a 2010 Mexican film, makes an ingenious use this theme.

A family of cannibals will start their daughters in the family tradition, but they will want to taste the menu for dinner?

The critic saw a lot beyond what is allowed to see in we are what we are, exploring the religious extremism that is seen in some families and how inherited.


This 2008 film had a moderate block success, raising more than 80 million dollars, although is not almost any list of horror movie recommendations that come to mind when we talk about fear movies.

The tape, with Liv Tyler in the main cast, exploits the troke of terror to be attacked when you are at home.

A couple is assaulted at their own home by three strangers with disturbing motivations.

Despite its success in box office, the specialized critic was primed with strangers based on fine.

With this we conclude our List of very interesting horror movies that are not the ones you know everyone.

The horror cinema has thousands of titles, so we invite you to add any that you want to recommend and fit with the parameters from our list.

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