Attention With these weapons you should not shoot in Cod Warzone on legs

The 4-known Call of Duty Hitboxes Chest, stomach, head, limbs were recently expanded only a neck hitbox. The numbers professionals for the Battle Royal Warzone have now again discovered new information. These could be important to you before shooting yourself in the leg!

Only in August was the new neck-hit box between head and chest discovered. Now Warzone expert Anthony Truegamedata Zachman found a new Hitbox: the lower extremities, ie forearm and lower leg. Balls that meet the lower half of arms and legs, suggest the tests less damage than in the upper half.

That s why you have to pay particular attention to some weapons not to shoot on legs.

Lints have two hitboxes

Why is that relevant? Each weapon has its own damage multiplier for different Hitboxes. However, not every weapon has a multiplier for each hitbox. That s why snipers benefited from the neck-hit box, but probably only three other weapons: Oden, XM4 and OTS 9.

The newly discovered hitboxes relate to limbs damage, and divide arms and legs in a lower and upper section each.

The green-labeled area of ​​leg and arm is now the upper arm and thigh hitbox. Purple marks the new Hitboxen forearm and lower legs here. These markings are as accurate as possible. Smaller deviations can not be ruled out, as the tests are difficult to carry out and therefore not 100% precise.

What does that mean? When players are hit in the purple area, take less damage than in the green area. Because this info has not been known so far, the previous measurements were wrong.

In the measurements experts like Truegamedata have shot on the lower areas of arms and legs. Therefore, the damage values ​​found online for some weapons were not complete.

Machine guns are affected

How big is the damage difference? The numeric expert has shot the upper and lower limbs disconnected and found out: the damage is between 10 and 15% lower if you meet the lower leg instead of the thigh. Therefore, you should try to avoid these areas as possible.

Which weapons are affected? Truegamedata has found that these newly discovered values ​​do not affect many weapons. Only players who use certain machine guns must currently think about them. However, the Bullfrog, a current top 10 weapon (via, is affected.

The full list of affected weapons, with the highest and lowest damage points for legs and arms from close proximity:

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Bullfrog (31 – 27 damage)
CX-9 (24 – 21 damage)
Fennek (24 – 21 damage)
ISO (25 – 22 damage)
LAPA (31 – 27 damage)
LAPA with 8.9, extended (30 – 27 damage)
Lapa with 7.9, drawn (32 – 29 damage)
Lapa with 7.9, Br-compact (33 – 30 damage)
PP19 Bizon (34 left leg, 27 – 20 right leg)

Curios: The PP19 Bizon makes 34 damage to the left leg, but 27 to 20 damage to the right leg. So you do 70% more damage if you get the left leg caught instead of the right lower leg.

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This new discoveries becomes clear: so far, the worst case scenario has been measured from habit for arm and leg damage. These weapons were so far better than expected. To get the most out of them, you have to be even more precise than previously thought.

About the Neck Hitbox TRUEGAMEDATA meant that it will change the Warzone Meta. The lower leg hitbox will not do that so much, but the Bullfrog is the machine gun affected, which was the most popular machine gun in Season 6 in our poll.

What do you think? Will you change your play style or your Loadout because of this new information? Or do you think that little impact on warzone will have? Let s know us in the comments.

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