BD and video games a marriage of passion and reason for microids

Ender s Game – The Terrific Game (initial title: Ender s Game) is a sci-fi movie, based upon the novel the huge game of Orson Scott Card. Directed by Gavin Hood, the major functions play ASA Butterfield, Viola Davis, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley and also Abigail Breslin.

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The film plays in the future: half a century after a damaging attack of aliens that demanded numerous fatality, the highly gifted young Ender Wiggin is sent to an army school to find out the calculated war craft there. Humanity is preparing a counterattack on the unusual globe as well as Enders skills should safeguard success.
Ender s Game was produced by Charoff Productions as well as Radiant Productions on part of the Top Film Studios. The German rental took control of Constantin motion picture. The German Film Start happened on 24 October 2013 and also the United Kingdom and also Ireland on October 25th; In the United States, Canada as well as India, the movie involved the cinemas on 1 November 2013. Initially, the US movie start was set up in March 2013, but the Workshop Top relocated this to the last quarter of 2013 based upon the experiences with the Golden series.

Above all, 2021 marks an acceleration in this area with the culmination or the announcement of many projects. A new CAP has indeed been crossed with games whose quality has grown over the years and respectful of the original works.

Thus, the rays dedicated to Christmas games welcome this year Asterix and Obelix: Baffe them all! For a 2D Beat em all that should have fun and recalled youth memories to those who have tried at the Konami Arcade Game (1992).

For their part, the Smurfs will be back in an unprecedented adventure named Mission Malfeuille, while Marsupilami: the secret of sarcophagus will stage the famous French imaginary creature. Soon, Microids will highlight next year other heroes, like Tintin. Hergé s famous reporter will be entitled to a new narrative adventure.

Transgenerational Heroes

One appetite for these major licenses that starts from the will of media participations to perpetuate their universes. Because the group has not only microids, but also prestigious historical publishers like Dargaud, Dupuis or the Lombard. We live in a world where the boundaries between the media have been abolished by digital and we are a transmedia publisher whose contents are intended to travel on all supports. Drawings, Movies, Pub, Amusement Park…, Analysis for video game Claude de Saint Vincent, Chairman of the Group.

We find heroes already read by three generations and the video game will touch a generation that reads less or not at all. Claude de Saint Vincent, President of Media Participations.

And prosecuting: The BD is a leafy genre that highlights the principle of the eternal hero, we see him with Asterix or Blueberry who cross the ages while rare are those who remember the Goncourt price of 1963. On the side of the 1963. BD, we find heroes already read by three generations. Today, the video game will touch a generation that reads less or not at all, so you have to talk to him.

And if microid remains one of the oldest video game publishers in France, since its creation in 1985, its know-how and the means invested in its recent productions demonstrate a desire to satisfy fans and a new audience. Our entity allows us to work hand in hand with BD homes, authors and rights holders. From the writing of the scenario to the Game Design via marketing, we validate each project with their contest. The idea being to work on the duration, says Eric Nguyen, Microid Marketing Director.

This is particularly the case for the future Tintin, which plans to support a narrative also affecting a more adult public and developed with the Agreement of Moulinsart editions. But also with the new game Asterix and Obelix Baffez-them all!, Expected for November 25th. Here we have made the choice to develop a 2D title closer to the original BD. So we have a more rigorous reading than for the 3D games we have made previously. It was not necessary to betray the identity of the work, explains Eric Nguyen.

A Goldorak game for 2023

And if the historic BD heroes are part of this valuable catalog, Microids also look to manga and animals. The Kana publisher, which belongs to Maison Dargaud, recently released a Goldorak cartoon in tribute to the GO Nagai giant robot. From 165,000 copies, it demonstrates the success of the Cornu robot. And microids already resumes the torch by announcing a unpublished game for 2023, a teaser acting as a milestone.


PENT-UP PASSION-Marriage On Madison Avenue-Chapter 16-Diamonds Used-(Chapters Interactive Stories)

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With prestigious licenses like Black Sad or the blue tunics who were also entitled to their games in recent years, the Parisian publisher potentially has many stories to be transposed in a sector that affects more numerous players from 7 to 77 years.

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