New World Will there still be mounts at some point

Already before the launch of New World it has led to trouble that there will be no mounts in the online roleplay. The desire for such a feature has not really disappeared since then there are many voices that require a mount for faster travel. The developer team of Amazon Game Studios has now been commented on this.

What do the developers say to Mounts in New World?

The responsible producer Katy Kaszynski was recently visited the conference Develop: Brighton to talk about the online roleplay. There were various topics, including the name of the community to mounts.

Mounts come in New World?

First, Katy Kaszynski once again declared that the team has deliberately decided against the introduction of riding animals. However, such a feature is not categorically excluded for the future.

It s not that we would devour mounts in the game. What we want is an immersive experience, and we felt that, for example, the hostels fit better to our history than the mounts. (…) We hear The fans. We know that Mounts are something that people really want to have. And it s not just the mounts – there are other things that people have great interest. They are not off the table.

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The statements of the producer at least hope that Amazon Game Studios will meet the desire of fans to Mounts at a later date.

Source: Develop Conference (via Developn)

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