Top game in Ansbach W rzburg invites to the basement

The golden October is over – now the cold november begins. Because of, in the Bayernliga Nord is a quite hot month before. Especially in the top group, it becomes interesting for the SPVGG Ansbach, which it has been dealing alone at the next four matchdays several times (or exactly three times) with opponents, which are also in the vicinity of the square on the sun. Already on Saturday Patrick Kroiß & Co. receive the first chunk. The ATSV Erlangen is in top form and won eight of his last nine games. In the preliminary round, the SPVGG could still be optimally points at the ATSV, but now the Unistädter should have achieved a completely different dimension in the league. With Fabian Adelmann, the success is back to Paul-Gossen-Straße and also the hope continues to participate in the concert of the front. Adelmann himself remains there but very ground We have to come to our performance limit in every game to be successful. At the moment our primary goal is to continue to internalize and consolidate our idea from the game. Of course we want as many points as possible Get. Everything else you will see then. In Ansbach, on the other hand, the seasonal goals are known to sound differently. The responsible persons and coach Christoph Hasselmeier have clearly formulated the rise in the Regionalliga as a target.

Even with the DJK Vilzing you will be attentive to the encounter in Ansbach sports park on the screen. First of all, the own task of the TSV Abtswind. The sobering home defeat last against the TSV Grossbardorf has recited second place again. In order not to lose any ground, a successful experience would be important in the herb village near Kitzingen. But the Abtswinder comes with self-confidence, therefore, are in the secured midfield and are, according to their coach Claudiu Bozesan, in a position to work out enough opportunities against every opponent. But they must also be over the line and therefore at the TSV also a little the nerve to find – the opportunity recycling. Statistically, only every fourth large opportunity lands in the goal of the opponent. A problem that the DJK Vilzing also leads again and again.

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The ASV Cham needs points

For Vilzing, of course, primarily luxury problems are. The local rival ASV Cham, on the other hand, needs one, points. Although the relegation ranks are still within reach and a good month of November, the starting position of the red-whites could be released again in a different light. But the performance on the square must also be right. After a disastrous first half of Erlangen (five goals in 40 minutes) Interim Trainer Stefan Riederer was already a little bit eaten. Already at the body language after the first goal, you have seen that nothing will be and changed early even two players from the U19. Now comes with the DJK Ammerthal the next thick chunk as a task and the team of Michael Hutzler has returned to the front after two wins in succession.

Since the FC Eintracht Bamberg wants to stay. However, the guest game at the green AU in Hof certainly will not be a walk. Although the home owners have to get along with a strongly rejuvenated squad as well as in Neumarkt due to numerous failures, but games in the time-honored Hofer Stadium have sometimes very own laws. As easily as in the preliminary round at the clear 7: 1-edge victory, this time it should not be for the eleven of Julian Kolbeck.

Lower Franconia Derby in Würzburg and Großbarddorf

In addition to the Oberfrauenderby, there are two direct comparisons in the neighboring district of Lower Franconia. Once the TSV Großbardorf receives the TSV Karlburg. The Gallier are after their coup in Vilzing to the prelude of the preliminary round now a good deal from the places to the relegation relegation and could create further distance with a victory. Trainer Andreas Brendler is not only happy about it, but above all, that many of the young players have taken great development in the previous season. It s strong what the boys afford. That s the way we want to go to Greaterbardorf, and talks, inter alia, midfielder Julius Landeck (20) or his goalkeeper of Justin Reichert (19) who have not missed a minute. With the opponent from Karlburg that is not that much different. To the playing co-trainer Sebastian Fries, numerous young players are also caught up with real power carriers. With Jan Wabnitz (midfield) or Marvin Fischer-Vallecilla (Tor) coach Markus Köhler players in the squad, with which the target can be realized in class retention. While Gallier-Coach Andreas Brendler calculates that the direct class content could be safe with 37 points, his colleague Markus Köhler is still skeptical. I assume that we need at least 40 points to stay in it.

The other subfrau sterehby is tabulated still a little bit trickier. The FV 04 Würzburg as well as promoted Vatan Spor Aschaffenburg maneuvering on the relegation places. They will not be able to leave them – regardless of the exit – after this matchday.
This is also not possible for the FC Sand in the upcoming derby against the DJK Don Bosco Bamberg purely mathematically. But a friend of computational plays is not FC coach Matthias Strait anyway. After the significant 0: 6 defeat in the table-second FC Eintracht Bamberg had completely different problems. Had he asked himself in the games before his team before, after the last weekend already clearer tones to the situation at the basket maker elf. With the performance in the Fuchspark he could not be satisfied under the stroke despite a good initial phase. Against the Wildsorger you do not just want to be admiring the spectators, but now then finally points again.

With the role of the viewer, the players and responsible persons from humidity and Fürbach will have to be satisfied at the weekend. The game was laid on Tuesday, 16 November (19 clock).

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