Choose the best games and hard ever Golden Joystick Awards 2021 Special sector vote starts

The world s largest general voting game award GOLDEN JOYSTICK AWARDS 2021 which is the third of the 39th year this year, but two special sectors commemorating the 50th anniversary of the video game ULTIMATE GAME OF ALL TIME, Voting of Best Gaming Hardware of All Time has started. The candidates for each department are as follows.

In order to narrow down the 20 titles that are subject to voting from 11 million games that have been released in the past 50 years in the past 50 years, the existing best by EDGE magazine and Retro Gamer magazine Game TOP100 Long list of hundreds of titles referring to List. In addition, after adding all the Ultimate Game of the Year winning work of Golden Joystick Awards in 1983, the industry experts and celebrities elected based on some examination criteria.

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About Best Gaming Hardware of All Time, which is the world s leading retro game specialties, and EDGE MAGAZINE, which has reported the future of interactive entertainment since 1993 and the future of interactive entertainment since 1993 Create a candidate list for major hardware 20 products.

Current generation game machines are not to vote because it is a live-type product that will constantly evolve with firmware updates and new peripherals. In addition, it is not only one year from the release, and PS5 and Xbox Series X | S are not covered.

Both division awards will be announced on November 23, November 23, along with the award-winning work of the general sector that accepted the voting the other day. What is the result?

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