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Read of P maybe not everyone on the radar, but that should hopefully change soon: the action role-play surprised in the first gameplay trailer with strong design, great graphics and dark atmosphere, which inevitably reminds of Blood borne. Lies of P was announced in May of this year, real gameplay is only available to see now. The video comes from an alpha socket and makes with its gloomy scenes properly impression. Lies of P uses the Unreal Engine 4 and is currently being developed for PC, Xbox Series S / X and PS5. There is not a release date yet.

Tip: Here you can also view the trailer in 4K resolution.

Reaction moment: Pinocchio
City of the machines

Fans Grim Souls Likes should keep an eye on the game, already alone for his cool basic idea: Lies of P is based (very) loose on the famous Italian children s book The adventures of the Pinocchio, but the history of the Holzjungen but completely redesign. You play Pinocchio, a mechanical doll in the figure of a young man who is looking for the famous master Ghetto.

On his path to man, Pinocchio explores the winding city of Cat, which reminds with her Belle Époque aesthetics at European major cities between the 19th and 20th centuries. But the once magnificent metropolis has fallen, Rat now presents itself as a dark hellhole, in which mechanical creatures slaughtered the inhabitants. How and why, that s what you need to find out: the developers promise a dense story full of quests in which your decisions (and lies) should even influence the end.

As the official website suggests, you will probably throw into history without many explanations: You are awakening at an abandoned train station in Cat, a city overcrowded by madness and blood gravity. In front of you is a note on which stands: Find Mr., Ghetto. He is here in the city.

A deeper insight into the gloomy scene supplies the revelation trailer.

Brutal doll game

As it belongs to Souls Like, especially demanding, brutal close-fighting, a first taste is available in the above-linked gameplay trailer. According to the Steam product page, an interesting system is to be used, which allows you to combine weapons in different ways and thus tinker completely new combat device.

Since Pinocchio is strictly speaking a doll, you can also complement and improve its body with different mechanical components. This gives the hero new skills that are not only used in combat, but also when exploring the game world. The video is already clearly a mechanical arm to see a door with the Pinocchio. In another scene we see a kind of rope Allen with which he pulls an opponent from afar. It does not need much imagination to break out how the tool could work when climbing or loosening smaller puzzles.

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Read of P: The gloomy action RPG newly tells the story of Pinocchio. [Source: Neo wiz]

Read of P is developed by Round8 Studio, a studio from South Korea, which has recently entered the online action RPG Bless Unleashed. Lies of P still has no release date, but on Steam you can put the game already on his wish list.

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