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In the absence of the national player SC coach sent prank some players from the second row from the beginning to the race, of which one was equal to the scorer list: Bur kart headed a hiber-stored edge for the early guidance (7.). The early gate was absolutely consistent and logically, we did not really have access to this game, KSC coach Either hound after final whistle. Although his team had a great compensation by Other (10th) shortly thereafter, but Freiburg remained clearly sounding in the first round and had by Sildillia (15th), Gift (17th), Haber er (19th) and Bur kart (22nd) Further promising opportunities.

It was therefore deserved after a good half hour of the second Freiburg hits by Ruler, who departed on the unfamiliar left — which did not depend on the grounded right-back, after the fine interface pass from Keven Schlotterbeck to 2: 0 (31.). That was good. He has improved football, playing now offensive and has already met in the league against Augsburg, peasant praised the scorers. Another background of the change : The 19-year-old Sildillia should get 90 minutes on the right, which he had already occupied at the 1: 1 against Leipzig in the league, as in addition to long-term failure Schmidt, Ruler had also missed Ruler because of an infectious.

Höhepunkte KSC - SC Freiburg | Testspiel

16-year-old Sihlaroglu ensures upheaval

Immediately after Ruler s goal, Either changed four times, brought, among other things, the young center-back Ironies ( he makes some things perfect, in other situations you still realize his age ) and newcomer van Reign ( That was very decent from him, he speaks Very much and does the team good ).

After change, Either s team had his best phase — even thanks to the only 16-year-old Sihlaroglu, which was replaced at halftime and introduced himself immediately with a good opportunity (49.). One did not find a difference to the other players with him, said Either. Another self-generation shortly thereafter caused the Karlsruhe Connection Hits: Other failed after a solo first on Uphold, but the subsequent corner of Wanted but headed to 1: 2 (54.).

string intervention fruit

After another KSC attack shortly thereafter, prank was loud at the side line, gave his two six-six Dagestan and Haber s unmistakable commands. Max, organize that. Janis, puts up right and play again, the chef coach demanded. And actually: Freiburg then gained the game control, acting with significantly better structure and had hardly any opportunities of the Karlsruhe. Instead, Gift (57.), Leopold (81.) and Haber er (90. + 1) had more opportunities to increase for the Bundesliga club. Some situations have had to play better, said prank also with a view of the first half.

Overall, the SC coach was satisfied with the appearance of his team. I always see something when I see the boys and can win insights, but of course you can not overvalue, he said in conversation with the Keven Schlotterbeck after final whistle. For example, the center-back Heinz and Keven Schlotterbeck, who had hardly been to the move in the season, were able to collect expiry minutes.

Praise for talent Bur kart and whitehead

They were totally engaged, bring themselves, want to win, work everything off, so I m totally satisfied, said prank over the two defenders. Also, with the performances of the two in the summer to the professionals, the offensive talent Bur kart and White Attorney, the 56-year-old agreed: Nissan did well in front of it, has ranged himself, was crazy and got up well, says Stretch s verdict over Bur kart. Whitehead, who was still lacking in the federal and third division of the SC for the weekend and therefore abandoned the journey to the U-20 national team, had some problems with access to the direct duels, prank but also with him footballer good Actions.

All in all, the coach of the Bundesligadrit saw a good test against a good team of the KSC. Some guys have now again 90 minutes in their legs. That s important. After the regeneration unit on Friday, a free weekend and next Wednesday a free day is waiting for the SC professionals, which are then demanded again on Sunday in the home game against Eintracht Frankfurt.

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